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Do plants have feelings?


In a post on one of my blogs, Severnside posted a link to a site with the above title: I asked him to do it as a separate blog, so that more people might find it, he doesn’t do blogs but invited me to go ahead, so I am.

Thanks, Sev!

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Thanks for the link. Very interesting.

2 Mar, 2012


No prob Fran :)

2 Mar, 2012


I found a spare hug lying around doing nothing, Sev, here ya go (_o_)

2 Mar, 2012


Very interesting, certainly makes you think. I almost feel guilty for having pinched my sweet peas back :S Thanks for posting the link Fran.

2 Mar, 2012


thank Severnside for posting it in the first place, Sam *s*

Agree, it makes cutting back or deadheading something else onw, doesn't it?

2 Mar, 2012


Maybe if we apologise first......?

2 Mar, 2012


*s* I do find myself apologising if I've been clumsy and tweaked off a bit of root while loosening the soil ball to repot, or pulled a leaf off while moving or potting a plant.

I always mean to ask them first, and always forget when it actually comes to it. But if they can read intent, hope they'll understand that I did mean to ask. lol same as when I visited the West Kennet Long Barrow and Weyland's Smithy; meant to ask the spirit of that place first, and forgot again, every time, sigh.

lol I know I'm daft

2 Mar, 2012


Lol, glad I'm not the only who appologises for being a bit clumsy. Always seemed daft talking to a plant like that but huh maybe not so much eh. I suppose if they can read intent they will know we are doing it with their benefit in mind.

Ahhh sorry, thanks Severnside for posting the link originally and thans Fran for posting it in a new blog :)

3 Mar, 2012


I do tend to anthropomorphise, however the heck you spell it - or at least, not do to plants what I'd not like done to me.

I had a repressive upbringing, so I was very hesitant to control my very first plants too severely - as a result, they ran wild and scruffy and generally unhealthy, so I learned that some discipline is necessary to keep them in check and at their best - but it's finding out how little is enough. evem mpw.

I don't crowd planters too much - surely overcrowding stresses plants as well as people as there's more competition for available resources. Maybe if I were prepared to wait on them , feed and nurture and pamper them every day, they'd thrive - but I'm not!

3 Mar, 2012

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