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I subscribe to weekly emails from the Instructable site – full of how-to’s of varying degrees of complexity, most beyond me but some fairly simple ones – no idea how I got into it in the first place.

in their current email, they have a self-watering windowbox that involves a small, inbuilt pump. don’t know if it’d appeal to any techno-GoYers, but here’s the link for the how-to:

They have a large how-to for gardens, some of which might be useful or interesting to some of you.

It’s an American site, so a lot of the terms they use might need translation.

Also in the same email: how to make your own butter:

the home page is:

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It's a good idea if you haven't got time to water every day. Well illustrated and explained too :o)

27 Feb, 2012


I have just had a look at the website and found some useful things to make...

27 Feb, 2012


good to hear: I was a bit dubious about posting, would it be any use to anyone? glad I did.

A lot of it is much to technical (and, to be honest, much too pointless!) for me to even try, but I've bookmarked a few pages, and I'm still working thorugh the "outdoors-garden" section.

*s* Please post pics of any projects!!

27 Feb, 2012


I will go and have a look Fran !

been there ~~ interesting site , I might even have a go at making butter one day :o)

27 Feb, 2012


they make it sound so easy ... sure there's more to it than that; maybe this is ok for home use.

27 Feb, 2012


Had a look Fran, there`s lots of things to browse through on there, how to set up the self wateringbox is explained in good detail..

27 Feb, 2012


nods, they do full instructions. I'm on a freebie membership, so I ca'nt download pdfs, but copy-and-paste does me for the very few that I've felt iwere on my level - and my wavelength!

Tbe only thing to bear in mind, for recipes, is that a US pint isn't the same as a UK one, they don't have so many fluid ounces, so their gallons are smaller than UK ones too - maybe why their petrol is cheaper per gallon!

I'm still trying to get the hang of "cups" - and as for the "sticks of butter" in one recipe ...?! how the heck much is "a st ick"?? lol I've started going metric, at least a kilo and a litre and subdivisions thereof are the same all over!

27 Feb, 2012


Thanks for sharing the info :o)

27 Feb, 2012


oh very useful thanks for sharing :))))

28 Feb, 2012

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