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There’s no way I can get their four-column chart in except to take a screenshot and post it as a pic, but I’d have to show the whole page and it’s too small to read. So I had to break it all down, which made it a lot longer. Left and right sides should be reversed when looking at the photo: the right side of the head will be to the left side of the pic, and vice versa for the left, cos the head is facing the camera


The “Aura” camera is a bio-feedback imaging system which translates a person’s energy, measured from the electromagnetic impulses of the hands, into an individual pattern and personal colours, representing the aura. This pattern of vibrant colours is overlaid onto an instant photograph of a person to give a visual impression of what your aura may look like to “sensitives” who see auras.

The aura photograph gives information on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance of a person at the time it is taken and can therefore be used as a basis for further analysis of an individual’s potential.

At the present time there is insufficient research to show definite health traits and the photograph, whilst responding to your specific energy outputs must primarily be regarded as a simulation of your aura, interpreted within the limits of the computer programme.

The following table has been designed to allow you to interpret the state of your mind, body and spirit at a glance. Simply look at your Aura Photograph and match the colours on your left side, right side and over your head, with those indicated in the table below.

NOTE: When looking at a photograph, you are looking at a reversed image of yourself. This means the right side of the photo shows your left side and vice-versa.

Right side:
expression: outer self, conditioned-self
Red (physical activity) — outgoing, pioneering
Orange (creativity & will) — creative, artistic
Yellow (rationale & intellect) — intelligent, logical
Green (healing & balancing) — caring and balanced
Blue (inner peace & security) — security-conscious
Violet (mystical & intuitive) — imaginative, inspired
White (spirituality & love) — humanitarian and caring

experience – self-image, drive, motivation
Red (physical activity) — confident, ambitious
Orange (creativity & will) — self-confident and aware
Yellow (rationale & intellect) — bright and active mind
Green (healing & balancing) — reliable and responsible
Blue (inner peace & security) — in touch with feelings
Violet (mystical & intuitive) — spiritual and philosophical
White (spirituality & love) — giving and sharing

Left side:
intuition: Approaching energies, feelings, emotions, moods
Red (physical activity) — new physical directions
Orange (creativity & will) — new ideas, plans, projects
Yellow (rationale & intellect) — new mental challenges
Green (healing & balancing) — change in state of heart
Blue (inner peace & security) — growing sense of love
Violet (mystical & intuitive) — gaining higher awareness
White (spirituality & love) — inspiration and love

FL again: I don’t understand half this! But I typed it word for word, cos someone else might.

Anyone want to have a go at “translating” me??? no prizes, sadly

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Fran what are you trying to do to me, especially this time of night, lol, I `ll have to read through this a number of times for it to sink in... Nice to meet you in a larger pic....

11 Feb, 2012


smiles and waves from bigger viewing platform ...

I did think of only including the colours and sides that apply to me - but given that I'm not very good at telling shades of colour, thought I'd best put it all in. Besides, if one's going to quote "authority" one should quote all of it,

Actually, it wasn't till I looked at the pic again just ow that I noticed the red on the right - or is it orange? never noticed before how sharply the "side" and "overhead" colours are separated, either ...

ps, you were quick off the mark! I only posted it a couple of minutes ago; been trying for more than a week to get it in as it was, but still have it readable, no go!

11 Feb, 2012


On my own Fran, laptop on my lap, dogs at my feet,not much on telly, Goy wins out, lol...

11 Feb, 2012


lol I don't watch TV, but I've gpt letters to write, scanned documents to convert to Word so that I can read them and then answer, more to scan in so that I can etc, hundres of documents to sort, garden projects to plan, and games to play - GoY wins here, too!

12 Feb, 2012


OK, no prizes I understand, but you seem to be security conscious with a growing feeling for love and with new ideas for plans and projects with new physical directions. Am I right? The plans and projects part is - look at all that wood you're using in the garden. Fascinating stuff about 'auras'.

12 Feb, 2012


Sorry Fran, my eyes can't cope with too much small-print but the pic of you with the "aura" is fascinating, so I'll give this blog a "like" and hope for the best... Lol. ;o)

12 Feb, 2012


Gordon Bennett!!!!!!!!!!
My advert to the side is for "How To Do Meditation" free download. Big Brothers still got his beady eye on us, lol...
I`m gonna ask for the winning numbers for the next lottery..

12 Feb, 2012


I don't know how to do bigger text, TT - admired your blogs for that - well, for a lot more besides that, but for that too! how does one get bigger text? I write my blogs (and this one especially!) in Word at font 24, then copy and paste in here, and this is the size the text always comes up. I didn't know ny other size was possible until I saw your blogs and have no idea how hou to increase the size. How do you do it?

This pic is at least ten years old, so this is my "spiritual status" then - that was looooong before garden! I might have been growing and developing, but i wasn't awre of it at the time, and can't think that far back to how I was then - heck, I have truble thnking back t o how I was six months ago!

"security-conscous"? that bit of the list threw me slightly, Nariz: not very "spiritual", unelss they mean it in that sense. I make sure my door's locked when I go out, but doesn't everyone? I'm not aware of being more so than othersa, well, maybe a little more so, but then, if one's always been a certain way one wouldn't be aware of being like that - it'd be "normal"

I did try relaxation rather than meditaton, LL, and for a while it worked, but I got out of the habit and can't seem to get it back again. And you can have the midweek lottery if you leave me the Friday one?

I'm not too sure that I "believe" in this sort of thing - the list is a bit like the daily horoscopes in the papers, one size has to fit all, no allowance for the shades and nuances that everyone has in abundance. Still, it'd be interesting to get an aura pic now and comapre the two!

12 Feb, 2012

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