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history of garden gnomes


don’t know if anyone’s found this, or would be interested if they had!

I was looking for “realistic garden gnomes” – :=) to me, if they really existed,t hey wouldn’t be wearing bright colours! so I was looking for some more “natural” types, but found this and thought it might be of interest – as Lincoln said, “people who like this sort of thing will find that this is the sort of thing they like”!

ps: couple that with Wiki’s “history of gardening”:

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Added to GoYpedia ... guess which category ? ;o)

9 Feb, 2012


lol thanks TT. I forget that GP is there a lot of the time - maybe cos my screen is set up so that the letters at the bottom are nearly always "over the horizon"; I have to want to look for or at something before I scroll down that far.

9 Feb, 2012


Yes, I have to scroll down to see the alphabet :o)

9 Feb, 2012


whew, glad it's not just me!

9 Feb, 2012


Found it Fran and read it, have to say my gnomes are very discreet and are both grey at all times ot the year,lol..

9 Feb, 2012


lol Lincslass. I've long been thinking of a mini-woodland, or dwarf woodland,with gnomes, fairies and woodland creatues, to scale, in as "natural" a way as possible; tucked behind a bush, so that you'd only see it if you stood in the right place and looked in the right direction; there'd always be something to look out for, especially if I moved them around now and then.

but model hedgehods with soppy grins and wellies isn't very "natural" - ano no *real* gnome would sit out in the open with a fishing rod *s* more likely to dive in the pond and head-butt the fish into submission! (or am I thinking of Pratchett's Wee Free Men? Crivens!)

9 Feb, 2012


Mine both live in amongst the planting at the back of the fishpond Fran, they`ve been working on that bed for a great numbers of years, they have a couple of otters and a huge snail for company, neither go fishing to my knowledge, one is always wheeling his barrow, whilst the little one just watches, his job is to guard little jenny wren who makes her nests under my waterfall..
Keep hoping they`ll bring me a pot of gold one day, lol...

9 Feb, 2012


I'll heve to check your pics again, LL, do you have them tagged for "gnomes"? would make seraching a lot eaiser! but no mind, I'll have fun looking at your other pcis while I'm working through

9 Feb, 2012


well, I meant "natural woodland dwellers", they'd wear woodland-coloured clothing and be very tanned - and probably they'd not have apple-cheeked dopey grins!

lol I'm reminded of a line from Pratchett: "The lives of gnomes are nasty, brutish and short. So are they."

I also tried looking for naturalistic fairies, but, sigh ... they're all big-eyed and round-faced, like children, and, with only one exception, nauseatingly twee. Some eBay sellers seem unable to tell the difference between fairies and angels, and were offering "fairies" with fathered wings! And they're all white, and mostly blonde. They wouldn't last long in the wild!

10 Feb, 2012

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