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Took three sessions over two days to get all my new wood scrubbed – it was a bit nippy out there, and my back reminded me that it needed a rest now and then. I’d left the water out overnight, boy, that was cold to dip into the next morning!

Main prob was how to stack the wood so that it was open on all sides, to dry better – those baskets came in handy as spacers!

Started measuring it at 8 the next morning; wow, it was nippy out! Tried to stack it in size, called for a bit of rejigging, but did it, more or less:

All measurements in centimetres — the only way for me to get used to metric is to measure in metric, then I’ve got to think in metric!

Apart from the two bookshelf units already (mostly) assembled, I have …

Metal baskets: 47–19–8 x 10

Drawer: 53½-42–10 (not counting front panel, bit extra all round)

Back boards: 59–48 x 2 — 51½–48

Worktop: 90½-60 — 50–60 — 58–36 (not a proper worktop with a curved edge, but as thick as one)

Door: 195–58 — 158–46 (the one I was using before: not counting the “inset” bit; this is what I’ll get if it’s cut square-ended)

46½ – 26
50 – 15
50½ – 47
51½ square
53 – 47 × 2
54 – 36
54 – 46½
55½ – 27 × 4
56 – 40
56½ – 38
56½ – 45½
56½ – 52 × 4
56-20 — not counting metal trim on either side
58 – 27
60 – 15
60½ square
61 – 49

Shelves I already had: 35–28 x 4 — 36–26 x 4

So I’ve got to work with bits that are mostly different sizes – if the difference isn’t that much I could “step” – have one upright beside the base, the other on top of it, to make it a bit taller; then reverse the top, have it on top of the shorter piece and beside the taller.

Or I could get similar pieces cut to the same size; that’d be easier for me, since I’d get someone else to do the cutting!

The matching pieces will be the obvious ones to start with.

This’ll take some thinking about – but not for too long, I hope.

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by the way, as this was posted at 0135 on the first of the month, "White Rabbits!"

1 Feb, 2012


'Pinch, punch, first day of the month - and no returns.'

1 Feb, 2012


Well you've made a start :o) Good luck !

1 Feb, 2012


ooh, you big bully, Nariz! At school we'd "a pinch and a kick for being so quick", followed by "a punch in the eye for being so sly". Don'tthink we had any beyond that.

thanks, Hywel - that was the easy bit; working out what to use the odds for is going to be fun - though, if I make a box, the lid should be a bit bigger, to keep weather out. so that might take care of some odds. *g* of course, the hardest bit of all - when I'm tearing my hair out trying to understand the sketch-plans I'd drawn - is to remember that this is fun!

1 Feb, 2012


And you'll enjoy yourself, even if I have to biff you to make sure you do!
That looks like an awful lot of work you've given yourself there, Fran. Are you SURE it's fun?

1 Feb, 2012


well, it says so right here! but once I get into trying to find the fourth side to a box, piece after piece and none of it fits proerly, I might start to wonder ...

Thinking of trying a seat/storage box first of all, that's about the simplest thing to make, or to try to: square-ish box with a lid - I can go for a worktable/dresser with shelves and drawers next time!

But if I can patch up the old table, that'd be fairly simple, too - though that's more "reassembly" than "making". I do need to fix the shelves properly, those Ikea shelf-support pins aren't that stay-put, I've lost several already.

I did think of getting some more, but the nearest Ikea is a 5-hour round trip by public tarnsport, and that's too far to go on the off-chance. Besides, I'd only come out of there with something else, instead of if not as well as!

1 Feb, 2012


I know exactly what you mean!

1 Feb, 2012


Look forward to seeing the results Fran! Dont sit still too long now! Lol

1 Feb, 2012


sigh, I forot that I'll need wood to make the frames to hang the pieees from - I got 2x2 last time - but then, that was for making a bed-platform. Might not need it so strong this time, for a seat or a storage box, but I'd rather it too strong than the reverse.

So I need to work out what I'm likely to need and see if the shop'll cut it for me. How high is a standard garden bench? should I work to knee-high?

1 Feb, 2012

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