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I had my “starter for ten” in ’11, so this has to be my starter for twelve.

As I said in my previous blog, I’d been promised a couple of stainless steel catering tables, so I’d had to clear the space for them; this meant emptying the wooden worktable, taking it apart, moving it, putting it back together, and putting the stuff back in it …

Then I had to move the plants from the other side of the “garden shed”, move the stacked plastic crates that they’d been stood on, and clear up that side, leaving me two empty spaces, ready for the tables …

(I did try taking those ’orrible boards down; I was sure that I could do something a bit better-looking! – but they’re tied to the fence with heavily twisted and rusted wire, and the blocks of wood holding the bases are bedded in concrete, so even if I could get rid of the wood I’d till have those blocks sticking up all along the fence.)

Once I found out that the tables wouldn’t be coming after all, I bought another table from the same eBay people that I’d bought my previous ones from: they didn’t have metre-square ones, so I got a 4×2, which actually fits the space better. They had bigger, but this one is also rated for 300kg loading

I want to try to make a mini-garden, rather than just plonking plants down wherever they fit, but think that’s what’s going to happen till I get sorted. at least I’ve won more hidden storage space …

I put a sheet of plastic on it to protect the top, which I hadn’t thought of doing with the other ones …

Now I’ve got to take the stuff off the worktable, take it apart again, but even more so than before: rather than just take each piece and move it, I want to take it apart completely and reassemble it much more strongly – it might be a bit late to consider a weatherproof varnish, but at least I could try to nail some plastic up to keep some of the weather off.

At the moment, all the plants are at one end of the garden, a bit cramped, but I sill need room to move at the other end …

The baby bath at the side is going to be recycled as either a mini-pond or water garden, when I get round to either. But I’ll need to make sure it’s heavily insulated, whichever option I go for – bad enough it freezing on top!

Still, the garden needed a bit of a sort; and at least I gave the paving at that end a biit of a scrub – ten am, me with my headphones, bopping while I scrubbed!

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I love the artistic use of the supermarket trolley, Fran, and I'm intrigued to know what music you were "bopping" to as you worked.
Anyone got any suggestions for suitable tunes to garden by?

15 Jan, 2012


It has to be "In An English Country Garden" doesn't it?

15 Jan, 2012


Full marks for making use of stings : )

15 Jan, 2012


Thanks, Gattina. I found two, neither while looking for it! First time, I had over-shopped,a nd was struggling home with stacks of carrier bags. Put them on the low wall outside my block to rest my arm and have a breather, looked round, thught, isn't that a trolley by the kerb? [eyes not too good] Went over to check, it was, thoguht, it's bound to have a wheel missing, but it hadn't, so I gratefully loaded bags in and wheeled them the rest of the way.

In some pics, I'm using it as a mobile nursery, but it's a bit deep for baby plants still in pots [put them on upended milk crates, also recycled]; I had thought of lining it, insulting the sides and bottom, and filling it with compost and making it a mobile bed but I'm not sure that it'll take the weight.

I have a second, smaller, one: went to the block bins to dump a bag and there it were, looking lonely, so I adopted it. unfortunately, it's got awkward wheels, so it don't like being moved much; shame, as that's much shallower, more the right depth for a small bed.

Of course, really I shouldn't have either, but I recyled them from the street, not from the shop! They'd probably have ended up on a dump, or in a canal, if I'd not given them refuge [m'lud!]

I was a Cub Leader for 18+ years, Stevie: the "save it, it'll come in handy" habit is sooooo hard to get out of! I could probably halve the contents of my cupboards if I could bring myself to "waste" stuff.

I loaded my mp3 headphones with stuff with a good steady rhythm, to give me the beat for when I go to the gym [when!] - it holds 1gb, so plenty of music.

My garden-bop selection:
The Drum Number - Shadows [from their film, Rhythm & Greens, which I saw at the pics years ago and which I'm trying to find again - to give an idea of how long ago that wsa, it was the B feature to Sex And The Single Girl, with Tony Curtis!]
With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee - Shadows
Your Love is Lifting Me Higher - Jackie Wilson [also got this by the Flying Pickets]
Egyptian Reggae - Jonothan Richmond
Duelling Chanters - Chieftans

All pretty obscure [except maybe Jackie Wilson], but all guaranteed foot-tappers - the beat is such that I can walk fairly quickly [well, fairly quickly for me!] in time with them, so I get exercise even when going to the corner shop and back - and I don't quite bop then, but I do tend to walk with a bit of a swing!

*s* "music to garden to" could be a whole new subject

15 Jan, 2012


How about "Ramblin' Rose" by Nat King Cole? You're right, Fran - why don't you ask for contributions on Garden questions?

15 Jan, 2012


lol Gattina: I do like that one, and do have it, but I like music with a beat when I'm doing thngs: gives me an incentive to pick up my feet and move a bit faster than I would otherwise - think I read somewhere that if walk fast enough to get slightly out of breath, but only slightly, then you're doing exercise.

Rambling Rose is a bit more laid-back; don't know how fast I'd walk, or work, to that!

15 Jan, 2012


question posted, Gattina!!

15 Jan, 2012


Actually, Fran, I've been out in the garden this morning, digging over the beds and humming to myself, and although it's nothing to do with the garden, I can't get Queen's "Fat bottomed Girls" out of my head. Perhaps it's my subconscious telling me I need more exercise!

15 Jan, 2012


| do love that one! good steady solid beat - and it's a reminder that "sexy" doen't always mean a woman looking like a matchstick wtih bumps in the front!

I got really annoyed when I bought a jacket: size 16, but the label said "XXL" - working back from that, size 14 must be "XL" and size 12 "L" - since when has size 10 been "normal"???

no wonder women get anorexic and have such a bad self-image when they're brainwahsed that to be properly woman-shaped is to be on the edge of obesity!

bit of a rant there, but needed to let off steam on that subject! It's about time they stopped this Large, Extra Large rubbish and just gave us the measurements in inches or centimetres (or both, so we can gradually learn our metric sizes) without any "size-ist" brainwashing.

15 Jan, 2012


You do make good use of your space Fran and I guess you are right about the trolleys, they`re better off in your hands than dumped as scrap, my gardening music depends on my mood, if working in my greenhouses I like classical, no words to bother me just tunes, working around the borders especially around the patio area its often the B`gees and Barbara Streisand, if neighbours not about I like the Three Tenors or Lloyd Webber selection very loudly. However the best music there is comes from natures best and is provided by my gardening friends "the birds that share with me "

15 Jan, 2012


*s* when I win the lottery and buy a garden to fit my dreams (I never look for houses, I look for gardens with houses attached!) I'm going to have thick, sound-absorbng hedges all round my estate, so that I can make as much noise as I like, short of loudspeakers! but then, I'd have real nature to listen to, so I wouldn't need any other kind of music.

15 Jan, 2012


Oh yes I can relate to that, we can all dream. lol...

15 Jan, 2012


The annoying thing about sizes is the difference one gets from different outlets and depending on price a lot of the time, I have lost a lot of weight in the last couple of years and shopping is on my most disliked jobs and comes under a needs must label, imagine my frustration at having to keep trying things on all the time simply because one cannot trust what it says on the label as regards size...

15 Jan, 2012


nods, and they seem to be working to some arbitray system: I've had "large" t-shirts that I had to get on with a shoe-horn, and "medium" ones that had room for someone else as well.

I bought two coats one Bay, both "size 16" - one don't meet in front by inches, the other one goes round me at least one and a half times!

I should know by now: don't buy unless I can try it on first. But they were there, I was there, and bored, so ...

15 Jan, 2012


It's nice to have a sort out. Good luck with your mini garden.

15 Jan, 2012


lol thanks for bringing back on-topic, Hywel!

most of my smallest plants are in the mini-greenhouse, and will stay there till I'm sure there's no threat to them from weather, or at least not much.

My prob's always been, how big to make it? Well, now I've got a size limit to work to! The problem when anything's possible is to decide what to go for; now I've got a set surface and the rest should be easy. ha!

15 Jan, 2012

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