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I’d been meaning to get some fleece liner for my mini-greenhouse for some time, and finally got round to it – saw some in a pound shop and grabbed three packs, not knowing how big they were or how much I’d need.

Like the beach stones, they floated about the kitchen for months; I actually did them on the same day that I finally “stoned” the troughs. The idea was to do it before it was needed, not wait until it snowed and then fit it!

I had no idea how they were supposed to go on – the instructions were for plants in the ground, and said to lay over the plants and secure the edges. I did think about lining the insides of the shed, but couldn’t work out how to get the roof arch (the shed doesn’t have a pole there that I could drape the fleece over) and anyway, it would have been a lot of work to work round the poles at the sides and back. The only way I could see to do it was to take off the cover completely and line it, then put it all back as one, and that wasn’t my idea of fun.

Eventually I put the fleece on the outside; it was a lot easier to get at! Long strip at the back, then one at the front, then to each side – of course I should have done the front last, because the door needs to be able to open and flip back – then an extra bit on the top to cover all the joins underneath. I have some “all-weather” adhesive tape, now’s my chance to find out how all-weather it actually is.

There is a slight prob; the fleece is wider than the shed, so overhangs the front – and the lack of fence behind it means that the wind there will blow from the back of the shed and get inside the front; I’ve clipped the front edges with a couple of “plant support” clips and hope that’ll cut down the cold air that gets in.

It’s not elegant, but if it works, or at least partly works to keep the cold out even a bit, then that’ll do for now. At least some plants have at least some protection.

Now I just have to remember that the plants inside will need watering now and then! I lose more plants by giving them too little or too much water than any other reason.

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You have exactly the same thing as mine, except the zip has busted on mine, so won't close. I tried outting soem fleece round it and got in such a muddle I gave up.

I think I will just have to try and protet what is inthere and buy anther one in the Spring.

I bought it for £9 in the Autumn sale at Wilkinson.

28 Dec, 2011


I managed to fit mine inside,Fran..but as I'm not using the top shelf,I have wrapped a layer over it,and down two sides.I then laid another layer on top,going from back to effect there is a double layer on the top shelf.,so
It looks like another lining all over on the inside..My zip is broken at the bottom,but weighted against the frame with heavy stones..and pots on the bottom shelf for stability ..luckily,i don't have a lot in it this year,so had more free shelving to do it..and I can just lift the front piece of liner up,if I need to water..It wasn't easy,as I thought I could manage to do it,without taking the plastic cover way,..and I used a few expletives ! :o)

28 Dec, 2011


mine is inside the plastic layer but it came free with the mini greenhouse originally.
all was well until a few months ago when i think the mice must have found it ~ they have eaten lots!! or taken it for their nests!!

28 Dec, 2011


Good idea to do that. I hope it keeps your plants safe for the winter.

28 Dec, 2011


I bought both of mine from, or via, Amazon, Alextb, at about 10-12 pounds each. They're different brands, but look identical: I don't know if they've got interchangeable parts! There is a prob getting them zipped all the way to the bottom; the feet seem to spread a bit, and even though I've got the cover corners tie to the legs to keep them in place, it's still a struggle, so I don't try too hard.

I could have bought fleece liners for them, they make 'em for 2, 3, and 4-shelf units - I presume that one takes off the cover, puts the liner on, then puts the cover over that - somehow! But I didn't think I'd need one, and then saw the fleece sheets in the pound shop, and got some on impulse.

Perhaps individual pots could be protected, or indivudiual shelves, taking each section as a separate unit?

The top shelf is the one I use most, Bloomer - it's the only one with enough headroom for the bigger plants - I did think of taking the shelf off that bit, and putting the plants on the second shelf, giving them more head-space, but I'd have to take the shelf support rods out as well, and that means I'd have to take the unit apart to be able to do that.

My bottom shelf has spare pots etc on it, so a bit of a gap at the zip bottoms won't hurt them. I don't have as many seedlings as I should, or could, so I use the shed more for sheltering small bought plants rather than growing me own.

I could have bought liners when I bought the sheds, Stickitoffee - they weren't offered free with them - but I didn't think I'd need them then. And to take the cover off twice a year to remove and replace the fleece sounds like hard work - think I read somewhere that some people keep theirs on all year round.

I did wonder, a couple of days after I'd fitted it, if the squirrels would leave it alone: never thought of mice, or birds, stealing it for nest-lining. Ah well, I've got two spare sheets, and it's not as if they cost a lot.

But I don't know if the material contains anything that might be harmful for baby animals - I keep meaning to try to put wool scraps or such out - I even thought of asking my local hairdresser for a bag of cut hair, so I could leave tht out, though I'm not sure what they'd think of such a request!

I'll try to remember to keep a note of how they get on, Hywel, and also try to remember to post it!

29 Dec, 2011

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