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Stoned at last!


For ages I’ve been bemoaning the fact that something keeps ferreting in my planters, excavating holes and digging up plants. I tried gravel, bark chips, sliced chilli, rubber snakes and placing a curse on the disturbers, none of which proved very effective.

Back in October, Poppylover suggested using river-washed pebbles – they’d be too heavy to be shoved aside. It was only then that I remembered that I had a box of beach stones, brought home from a winter weekend at the seaside(that was how exciting the weekend was, all I could find to do was to walk along the beach and pick up “interesting” stones!). So I dug them out and scrubbed them to get any salt off them, and left them to dry.

It was only in December, when Balcony asked how I was getting on with them, that I remembered them again – for two months I’d been walking round the box in the kitchen and not even noticing. Sigh, it’s sad when you get that old!

But at last I got ‘em into the troughs. I thought I’d have plenty – they certainly weighed enough! – but it was barely enough: I could have done with twice as much, then I could have done all the pots as well as the troughs.

Still, it’s done now, so fingers crossed my pansies at least will be excused further excavations.

No doubt the stones could be more artistically arranged, but all that bending and lifting was enough for one session.

I just had enough to spare for the heather trough: I re-arranged the other stones to get white ones in this trough.

No doubt the stones could be more artistically arranged, but all that bending and lifting was enough for one session.

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................something keeps ferreting in my planters......

An escaped 'ferret'?

I think the stones 'add' to the planters. Good luck in the new year.

28 Dec, 2011


lol I don't think it's a ferret: I've seen squirrels and blackbirds actually in the troughs: I've been tending to blame the squirrels (they're bigger!) but I could be doing them an injustice.

The stones do set off hte plants - and as they grow, I can remove and/or rearrange the stones to suit.

thanks for good wishes and I return them to you *s*

28 Dec, 2011


They're nice. I've got some I might do the same as you :o)

28 Dec, 2011


lol Hywel, I'm going to have another day at the seaside, and take my suitcase on wheels to bring back more trophies!

28 Dec, 2011


I think they are arranged beautifully, and the plants look very happy. Great idea.

28 Dec, 2011


thanks! they were just put in on best-fit principle, though I did rearrange when I had an awkward space in another trough. I tried not to get the m too close to the plants, at least at the bases, so as not to crowd them

29 Dec, 2011

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