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Space Invader ...


I was a tad surprised to look out of my kitchen window one morning and see this leering back at me over the fence …

It belongs to the people next door, who’d mounted it on the fence between our gardens, which put 99% of the dish in my garden and directly above my plant tables, where I do most of my gardening.

Apart from it hardly being a thing of beauty and a joy forever, I sometimes have to stand on a step to reach the back of the plant stands – and that would put my face on a level with the sticky-out bit, and I’d only have to misjudge the distance or forget to allow for it being there…

I dropped them a note asking if it was to be moved and telling them I wasn’t happy that they hadn’t even asked if I minded having their property in my space. No reply.

I gave them plenty of time to move it, then wrote a letter to the council; the day I was going to post it, the dish disappared. It may have been a month’s free trial which they’d not taken up.

But all the same, it’s a bit much … I keep my things firmly on my side of the fence, and I do sort of tend to expect others to show the same courtesy.

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Good to know the flying saucer is no longer in your face :o)

2 Oct, 2011


Thank goodness for that Fran what an eyesore and it was right in your garden must have good receptioinlol!

2 Oct, 2011


This did not have to be on/over the boundary and that is provocative! I think mostly they are secured to buildings and this could over hang also - so I would still send the photos to the council and ask what you can do to stop them if they want to make it a permanent feature of you garden?
Do you think it could be in protest about the white cloth you have hung on the boundary fence?

2 Oct, 2011


Good for you Fran, I think these days too many people are afraid of saying anything as they don't want a confrontation, but sometimes it can go too far. I think in this case you are justified - well done.

2 Oct, 2011


Well done you... I would have hung a big hanging basket on it and see if they had the cheek to complain about it interfering with their reception!:)

2 Oct, 2011


good for you, am glad its gone, yes franny what a good idea.

2 Oct, 2011


I wouldn` t have liked that outside my window either, I realise people have to put them somewhere but smack in front of someones window is a bit rude...

2 Oct, 2011


Thanks all for the support!

I'm a bit touchy about my personal space, and invasion thereof, so I didn't know if I were over-reacting to this. I sent the photos to some friends, and they said I wasn't, so that's when I dropped the note in - I also told them that as I'm visually impaired and can't judge distance, I'd not be responsible for any damage it sustained while it was there.

lol Franny, I did think about putting my large round metal "squirrel-proof" bird-feeder on the spike - or "accidentally" knocking it with a tool while working, and being every-so-sorry if it got knocked out of alignment!

I did drop them a note before I put the screen up, Drc726, to tell them that I was going to, and why - I felt uncomfortable about being able to see into their garden every time I looked at that end of mine, so I was doing it to protect their privacy. And to make me feel better, of course. Maybe that led them to think that I'd be a soft touch.

Every other satellite dish I've ever seen has been wall-mounted - they could have done the same. But I think one needs planning permission for that - the council told me that I needed such to have a transparent tarpaulin over the thin end of my garden to give me a dry working space and clothes-drying space.

But there's the fence at the other end of their garden: it could have been fitted there, and, facing the same way, would have been entirely within their own space. Or on the fence at the back; there's only a locked-pff green beyond, so that wouldn't have been in "anyone's" space. Granted, their lounge is nearest my fence, so putting it there meant less cable, but it still would have been nice if they'd had the courtesy to at least tell me beforehand, even if not ask. They surely must have known that I'd have had to be totally blind in order not to see it!

I'm not fond of confrontation either, Sheilar, but one has to tsake a stand sometimes. If I'd let this pass, what next? I might just as well write "please wipe your feet" on my back and lie down to be completely walked over.

3 Oct, 2011


What a cheek ! Some people think they can just do as they like and to hell with everyone else. I'm glad you were going to do something about it, and also glad they took it away before you had to.

3 Oct, 2011


Fran, I would ask the council and even the CAB if you can send them any sort of notice about you not being responsible to any possible damage to it should it cross your boundary again? If it was a tree shrub you would be entitled to remove any over hang as long as you return it to them, so do ask what your rights are. Also I do think they will be understanding and helpful when they see the side on photo as this could be construed as provocative, intimidating and even bullying? Keep these photos somewhere safe for as long as they or you live there as they do show their attitude! But above all tread carefully as a bad relationship with neighbours can make matters worse.

3 Oct, 2011


Bl**dy outrageous. Relieved to hear it has been removed (for now).

3 Oct, 2011


thanks, Drc726 - I took about a dozen photos, and a vid from all possible angles, and they're all on my PC now, so they can't deny it was ever there. If the dish stays missing I'll let it go - but now that I know I wasn't over-reacting I'll not hesitate to take immediate action if it (or anything else) comes even an inch over my side of the fence.

Know about removing and returning overhanging tree bits, lol didn't occur to me to cut the dish off its mount exactly in line with the top of the fence and hand it back over - "This seems to have strayed into my space"!

I don't want to escalate a situation unless it's unavoidable, so if they behave themselves in future ... I told them in my note that I'd not be responsible for their proterty while it was on my side of the fence - I also said that I was concerned about personal injury - lol I didn't say I'd see 'em in court, but I hope they took the hint! If they choose to forget or ignore those warnings, that's their problem.

I really should read the Tenancy Agreement and other documents - I made a fuss about getting then in large print, after all, the least I can do is to find the three sections (one on CD-R) and read/play them. Prob is, I find two, put them somewhere safe till I can find the third, then I find that and can't remember where I put the others. They look intimidatingly large - 4 pages in normal print is about 10 for me, and a normal "booklet" starts to look like a telephone directory.

Should scan them all in to the PC as I find them, I suppose - it'd make searching for a key word a lot easier! I'll definitely do that ... later

3 Oct, 2011


I do hope this is the end of it for you Fran, but dont forget as a tennant you have rights and organisations like Shelter and the CAB are there for advice should you need it. Do find your agreement as this is probably mentioned in it?

3 Oct, 2011


thanks Drc, I know where one part of it is, so I'll make sure that's scanned in and find-able at least. sigh, I have a black hole somewhere in this flat that sucks things in, never to be seen again. It seems ot be where I keep things "safe" ....

4 Oct, 2011


You will come across it when you are looking for something else - I do.

4 Oct, 2011


lol ain't it the truth! sometimes, if I really need to find something, I tell myself I'm looking for something else. Works sometimes, but not enough for me to patent it *s*

5 Oct, 2011


Lol Fran

5 Oct, 2011


have you ever tried calling for what you're looking for? I read this somewhere, and thought it was a bit daft, but tried it semi-seriously the next time I couldn't find something. not saying that it works! but I found it fairly quickly.

lol on occasion I've even tried dowsing for something! of course, one would need a controlled experiment to be able to say that it works, or at least works better than random searching, but I did find what I was looking for.

11 Oct, 2011


I look for something else in the hope I find both!

11 Oct, 2011


lol that works as well, or even better

11 Oct, 2011



12 Oct, 2011

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