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I’m going to post this on GoY, not because I think anyone will be remotely interested! but at least then I’ll know where to find it in future to add to it.

9th June 2010 – joined GoY
(at least that’s the date of the welcome-to-GoY email). Coincidentally, mum’s birthday

15th July 2010 – moved in to present address (though tenancy officially began on the 12th).
So I joined a garden site before I actually had a garden. I can’t now remember whether I’d just found it and dived straight in or if I already had it on my favourites and was going through viewing properties and knew (hoped) that I’d soon have need of it.

15th May 2011 – seriously started gardening.
I’d been faffing around trying this and that almost from the first day that I moved in (ok, the second day), but I bought the tables on the 8th, and it took me a few days to work out where to put ’em and to clear enough space to work. So I’m going to use this as my “started gardening” marker date.

(ps: so I’ve only been properly gardening for two months and a day at the time of starting this log.
So – stop beating yourself up for not having an instant showpiece planting scheme!)

13th January 2012 – got new table for side garden. That gives me a “landscape” size so I can start planning planting scheme – and trough sizes to make!

26th January 2012 – rescued enough mdf pieces to make my own shed! now to see how long they sit there before I do anything with them …

9th November 2013 – moved to Shrewsbury

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Sounds like Bridget Jones Diary Fran!

2 Aug, 2011


lol I've never read the book or seen the film so I'll take your word for it. Having pc probs, files going walkabout, so I'm trying to save bits where I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find them again.

Just seems like sooooo long ago that I moved in, and almost as long since I started to sort the garden, so I need the reminder that it's not long at all, and other people have taken decades to create their oases of loveliness, so I shouldn't hope for or expect too much too soon

2 Aug, 2011


Glad to see you've made a start on gardening seriously, Fran! Take lots of photos & you can have a visual diary as well! Kinda like I'm doing with my fortnightly updates of the allotment I share with my friend from church, Gerry.

Good luck with your gardening! :-))

2 Aug, 2011


Made me smile Fran, how is your little oasis doing....

2 Aug, 2011


thanks Balcony . I keep forgetting to take pics, it's all just sorting out and re-sorting at the moment. lol I do remember to take pics of big steps, though there aren't too many of those as yet. I tend to plod mostly but step once in a while.

It's progressing, Lincslass - I bought plants before I worked out where to put 'em and so they're wherever they'll fit, but I really need to sit down an work out a proper plan [ha!] and then buy accordingly.

I want to have a go at making hypertufa troughs next; I've got a stack of plastic food crates that should do as the frame; that way I've got a definite limit of space for each bed, and so I'll *have* to plan properly (it sez here ...)

2 Aug, 2011

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