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Hi everybody,

I have just joined Growsonyou and have enjoyed reading your comments. I am a born and bred “Lincolnshire. Yellowbelly” and have been retired for 7 years. I love looking at people’s gardens but am afraid I’m not very good at creating a lovely garden myself!
Spring bulbs are just deposited wherever there is a space and I await the outcome each year. The tulips and daffodils don’t look too bad this year and I am growing various plants from seed – some doing OK – others not so good!
My husband does all the mowing and digging and is growing early potatoes in sacks this year. He says we have one potato showing at the moment!!
I like walking the dogs (we have 4 during the day – 3 Japanese Spitz which are our daughter’s plus our Alsation cross). I go swimming 3 times a week plus line dancing which is good fun. I hope to show you more photos when (and if) the seedlings do well

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welcome to GoY!
Im not very good at making a perfect garden but i like looking at other gardens!

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome from me too:-)
I also live in Lincolnshire and love growing plants from seed, this is the site for inspiration francesy and everyones so friendly, look forward to seeing pictures of what you're growing :-)

1 Apr, 2012


Hi Francesy, welcome to GOY.
Glad to hear someone else has 4 dogs, so Im not the only mad one Lol :-)

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome Francesy, I, like you, dont have a perfect garden either, I love looking at others gardens and say to myself 'why cant mine be like that?' It will be nice to see your photos anyway and arent we lucky to have hubbies to do the heavy work!

1 Apr, 2012


A very warm welcome to GoY Francesy! I look forward to seeing pictures of your garden..:)))

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome from me, too. Look forward to hearing more from you. Great site, this - but be warned- it's addictive!

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome from me too I live about 11/2 miles from Simbad, lots of lovely people on here too to get to know and chat to, very addictive site but I am sure you will have plenty to do in your garden also. Look forward to seeing your photos of the garden and how things come along over the months/years. Happy Gardening Francesy :o)

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome to GOY, I too am a 'newbie' Don't think anyone ever has a perfect garden, but half the fun is the challenge gardening gives you. Everyone here seems a nice bunch of people from all walks of life and I agree with Ojibway, the site is VERY addictive!

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome! Gardens grow, they die, they come back but what remains is a love of flowers and an optimistic streak! I should know, my garden has died twice this past year and a half alone...Good luck with the potatoes!

1 Apr, 2012


Nice that you have joined us Francesy I`m sure you will be showing us some nice pictures of your garden and enjoy the banter on here.

1 Apr, 2012


Welcome to GoY.
Good luck with your garden :o)

2 Apr, 2012

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