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June; The story so far.


A ramble round the garden…

Up the garden path.

Azalea ‘Mount St. Helens’

This is one of those ‘Dark’ areas. You know? The sort that faces north, where the canopy of the shrubs gives shade, shade and more shade to the ground beneath. I am slowly taming it.

A splash of colour from the poppies.
The Monkey-Puzzle tree belongs to next door. It is forty two years old and flowered for the first time last year.
The purple Acer is mine, Mine I tell you..! :)

The reason for the shade in the above… An un-named Rhododendron and the Laurel, which I am getting used to. Never liked them before; But it is there and cannot be ignored…

A few pots on the other side of the garden. I am hoping to repot the rose into a bigger pot soon. I am not sure that the existing one is going to be big enough for the beautiful rose that is Rosa ’Fighting Temeraire..

A view through ‘London Pride’ – Saxifraga x urbium

Aquilegia (Columbine).
I reckon that every garden should have a few.

The shade lovers!

Crataegus laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’. Not yet in bloom. (as of 4th June)

A view. The path is simply rolled and beaten earth. I am still undecided on how to delineate the chosen walkways.

This area was ‘created’ by the removal of a small shed. Semi-shady is what this is and I think the plants chosen (so far), have adapted well.

The Rowan grows and grows. Bless it.

This, at one time, was the old outside loo. It is empty now save for a good many spiders. The whitewash on the inside is peeling and it is to all intents and purposes, unused.
I like the structure with its air of dereliction. It does house a bundle of canes and a box full of old plastic flowerpots. But for my part, it serves only as a sort of ‘Folly’; Somewhere to let nature take a hold with a bit of guidance here and there from me.
The face was a gift of many years ago. The iron hay-feeder was found inside the exloo. The bird boxes are homemade and the right hand one has a family of Bluetits within, and the ivy has just carried on regardless.

Proof that he is a half-breed?
He is actually mostly Whippet. His dad is a class A whippet and his ma was a third generation whippet/staffie cross.

Ahh, Azaleia!
This delighful trio formed a Christmas present to ourselves a couple of years ago.
Top left – Azalea ‘Northern Lights’
Right – Azalea ‘Mount St. Helens’
Front – Azalea ‘Jolie Madame’
All three are scented and a delight to behold.

Anemone sylvestris (Snowdrop Windflower)
A newish arrival on a whim one day. Got a couple of them and I have to say that if you can find a spot for them, they reward with bountiful blooms.

Azalea ‘Jolie Madame’

A. ‘Mount St. Helens’
Picture doesn’t show the variation in colour.

Azalea ‘Northern Lights’

More Aguilegia with Clematis texensis ‘Princess Diana’ against the wooden arch.

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Your garden is lovely fractal cat :) Quite agree about the Auqilegias, really like the winding path and shady areas, and the pic of your dog really made me chuckle :)

13 Jun, 2013


Wow - love your garden, especially the design in the first pic. Thanks for sharing!

13 Jun, 2013


Love your garden, packed full just as it should be, with no room for weeds. Mind you, when we went to Wisley gardens I was pleased to see some weeds, if they can't keep on top of them who are we to argue?
I am also not a great fan of rhododendrons, lovely to look at for the short time they are in flower, but not otherwise useful for our native wildlife. Yours however looks lovely and has been cut or trained to be higher, rather than spreading out and taking over, so looks like a lovely flowering tree. I love your arch, just what I would like in a row across the path, but totting up the cost of four or five has held me back at the moment and am thinking of alternatives! The azaleas are lovely and I do like those, mine in pots due to the soil. We have a monkey puzzle which I adore, it looked unhappy last year and a bit brown but has new green this year.
The London Pride looks a picture and though looked down on by many gardeners, should have a space somewhere - like the aquilegas, being the tarts of the garden, once you have a couple you will always have them, but they fill holes and look lovely.

13 Jun, 2013


Your garden is a joy, Fractal Cat. I love the windflowers and have been meaning to get some for my garden. I think the area which used to house the shed looks great. I have a small shed which I've been nagging OH to remove for a year or so but as its location benefits from the late evening sun, I fancy an arbour seat with maybe a little vegetable patch in front... oh, to dream.

13 Jun, 2013


I love your 'folly' it has real charm.

13 Jun, 2013


Gorgeous garden, I really like the 'folly' too, I'm not so sure about aquilegias though, they've taken over my garden this year so I'm going to have to thin them out a lot to have room for other things!

13 Jun, 2013


Beautiful garden!

13 Jun, 2013


I love the garden and those azaleas are beautiful.

14 Jun, 2013


Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing. Like the old shed feature too, as well as all the plants.Agree with Honeysuckle about the London Pride,looks lovely when in bloom & neat & tidy when not.

16 Jun, 2013

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