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Early days


2013 – The story so far..,

I know it has only just begun, but a start is a start. And we start with the start of January; The 1st.
It was a rather brighter day and I did manage to get out and take the first ‘walk round the garden’ of the year. (Interestingly I have been able to so for all of the five days of the year, it is very mild to how a ‘normal’ winter should be.
Anyway; For that first walk I took the camera and found the following in flower.

Helleborus x h. (Spotted hybrids)

I think I might move these later in the year. They used to be under the shade of a rather unkempt and unruly, self-seeded Pyracantha: Last year I hooked most of it out to reveal the not very high, drystone wall, thus leaving Hellebore high and dry. I have a spot in the shade lined up so when they have finished flowering I will shift them.
Meanwhile here they sit. Flowering away and enjoying themselves.


Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’

No garden should be without a nice-smelling Viburnum.
I am eyeing up a patch in the front garden where I can plant another one; Possibly V.Carlesii. A couple of other contenders may feature, but I am still pondering.
They are a desirable addition to gardens. Especially if they can provide a splash of brightness and a whiff of scent at the start of a new year.


Geum ???

Alas the label for this has been lost. Which sort of ruins my list: I am methodical in recording the label information into ‘A List’ of all my plants. Somehow this one escaped.
No matter. Anything that can throw out such splendid colour at such a bleak time of year, is to be welcomed. I think that it has been in bloom since august…? I have never grown Geum before, so this is as much an experiment for me as it is for the plant itself. An experiment I shall repeat I suspect.


Hamamelis intermedia ‘Pallida’

Now in full flower but still lacking scent, well.. there is a hint.. but only a hint, of what it could be. You know? They prefer shade but I do think they need a bit of sun to bring that scent out; And we haven’t had much sunshine yet.


Primula ???

I really like Primula.
I am happy to slot them in at any excuse.
These pictured, I inherited. They have established themselves and I have allowed them to remain. In other places I have the beginnings of a collection. Some will prove a challenge others will be a doddle. Once you find the ‘niche’ for them, they will happily grow.
There should be a third picture of, Primula “Snow Cushion”, but I haven’t got round to taking a photo, but it is out there, and flowering.
I also note that maybe I should grub-around and hoick out some more of that damned Buttercup! Its roots are intertwined across the whole bed where these Primula nestle.


Escallonia ???

Another ‘Inherited’ plant. I call it an Escallonia because I cannot think of what else it might be.. If it is, then no one has told it that its flowering time ends in september(ish).
But let it be is what I say… I drive into it every day; Well, not INTO it, that would be silly, but I do pull up close to every time and all I can remember seeing throughout the past year, is – Flowers!

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wonderful pictures - lovely plants

6 Jan, 2013


Lovely to see the early flowers, Dawn is a favorite of mine, the perfume is a delight across the garden

6 Jan, 2013


Lovely, Fractal. I don't think that's a Geum though - the leaves are wrong, but what it is - sorry. Not a clue!

6 Jan, 2013


You are quite right Spritz...
Not a Geum. - Not sure what I was thinking there.

It is a Potentilla.

6 Jan, 2013


Lovely photos,FC.........just about to say the "Geum" one looks very much like a Potentilla.!!!!

6 Jan, 2013


I is a start5we

6 Jan, 2013


Cat on keys, sorry folks, only just noticed, lol..........
Its good to see the colour in your garden Fractual, its coming on in leaps and bounds, hard to believe for january, lovely photos..

6 Jan, 2013


lovely flowers. I hadnt noticed the buttercup leaves Fractal :o)
The escallonia flowers like mad for me too and its evergreen to boot. I wouldnt be without it, mine is Appleblossom and I suspect yours is too.
Viburnums are wonderful but the only place I could plant it I cant as there is honey fungus there. Thankfully not the rampant murdering one. But there is no point growing a susceptible plant.

6 Jan, 2013


Nice that your getting some flowers - I didn't think that 'Geum' was a geum but don't have an alternative to offer.
All the best for 2013.

6 Jan, 2013


Took the words from my mouth Sebg, It looks like `Appleblossom` I have it too but I moved it last year and it doesn`t look as if its doing to well.
You have lots of interest Fractal, lovely to see.

7 Jan, 2013


Oh those buttercups..they are everywhere here, creeping!
Not as much in my garden! A winter honeysuckle whose name i've lost and a scented violet...gorgeous!

7 Jan, 2013


It's nice to see so many lovely flowers around your garden FC .

8 Jan, 2013


It's nice to see such early flowers. I preffer a mild winter myself.

8 Jan, 2013


So nice to see a bit of colour in the garden at this otherwise stark time of year. Ive just been out to check my hellebores and realised Ive neglected them through the summer- note to self must do better this year lol. Viburnum bodnatense is a lovely shrub for the winter too. Your garden also looks very tidy fc.

15 Jan, 2013


No worries, Hellibores never flower until next month It's only then they seem to come alive.I agree the Viburnum is an attractive one!

16 Jan, 2013

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