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Warming up!


A first ‘Hello’ to other people on this site!

The title applies both to the weather (although after a lovely sunny weekend in Devon we return to rain and wind this morning), and my enthusiasm for all things horticultural.

I confess I am a keen novice when it comes to such matters, but have loved planting seeds in the past 2 years and getting excited when the little shoots pop out – (I was reminded a bit of my excitement when we used to plant mustard seeds into half an egg shell when I was in the Brownies, and waited not very patiently for them to grow. For anyone who has not done this, you draw a face on the shell and the mustard seeds become the hair as they grow!!).

Alas, I am no longer 7 years old but recall some memories of yesteryear when my Grandad grew the most fantastic runner beans in his small garden (they are still my favourite veg) and my parents had half of their 80ft back garden planted with veg. I saw a picture recently of myself watering these proudly in my wellies and with a bright pink watering can!! That must have been where it all started, although for many years I just didn’t have the interest/time etc….

I am compelled through pride here to mention that my Grandad was at one time the Head Gardener at Arlington Court in North Devon (late 1920’s-early 1930’s). I have a picture of a cutting I took (Shhh) of a tree he planted whilst there all those years ago. Does anyone know what it is??

I only have a small space for veggies and have been trying out a few things in the last 2 years. It makes sense to grow only what I like and know I will eat or can pass on to others, so have experimented with runners and broads so far, savoy cabbage and the obligatory tomatoes! I have decided this year that I have to re-position the tomatoes as they were just not getting enough sunlight in the old spot. I have also bought 3 moneymaker plants rather than grow from seed this year. (I wonder if this will get me stoned or burned at the stake in gardening circles!).
I have planted out bought Mint & Thyme pots to join the Parsley, Sage, Oregano and Chives, and have sprinkled some red-leafed basil seeds given to me as a present.
These are what I use mostly in my cooking.

I have also made up my first ever hanging basket (again from shop bought plants, which is marginally better than buying them ready made, and far cheaper). I have to say, it does actually resemble a shop bought one and I seem to have managed to get the right amount of soil in it. This may sound strange, but when planting flowers previously I have either put in too much soil which results in muddy overflow when watered, or too little soil resulting in the plants themselves sitting too low in the pots and looking rather dwarf-like! (Not that I have anything against dwarves I should add in this day and age of overt pc-ness).

I feel very proud of this and am tending it in the potting shed for a few days before exposing it to the elements of the front garden! It also needs to be secured to the bracket when positioned due to a previous year’s efforts going walkabout!

I wish now that I had planted some seeds before now and had started to ‘warm up’ a little sooner.
Not being an expert veggie grower, I still have to resort back to books, magazines, husband via email and my Dad & co to point me in the right direction!

Yesterday saw me clear the last of the wallflowers from the ‘veg patch’ and dig it over with the help of Mum & Dad. I have manure from my horse-owning friend Sue which is to be dug in when it stops raining!
In the meantime I suppose I have to decide what on earth to put in there!

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Hi there, welcome to GoY - we look forward to lots more pictures sorry cannot name the tree for you though. But someone will no doubt give you an identification before long. Hope you enjoy yourself with us all. Happy Gardening.

14 May, 2012


Hello. Welcome to GoY. I'm a relative newcomer myself, & really enjoy it.

14 May, 2012


Welcome to GoY!
Your cutting might just be a ginkgo biloba tree? A guess, really.

14 May, 2012


I'd say it was the ginkgo as well

14 May, 2012


Yes it's Ginko. They're lovely trees. I've got a cutting from the one in my previous garden.
Welcome to GoY and good luck with your vegetables :o)

14 May, 2012


Welcome to Goy, looking forward to hearing more and seeing your gardening, through the seasons...

14 May, 2012

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