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Christmas 2014


Hi, Folks. Thank you for all your good wishes for Xmas & the New year. However, as we all know, things didn’t go to plan for a lot of us this year. I was unable to get out of the Close where I live due to flood water from the River Wey. So unable to go to my son’s home, plus no power of any sort as I’m all electric. Fortunately the water did not get into my home,as it did to some people living nearby. Some of my neighbours had gas cookers & I had tea & toast Xmas morning with one kind couple & a lovely C Dinner with another man who had cooked a turkey the day before, but of course his guests were unable to come. So unexpected company for us all. I went home to a cold house though & was thinking of getting into bed for the rest of the day when the power clicked back on. Makes one realise just how dependant we’ve become on electricity. I now have bought a gas ring & some butane gas cylinders, more candles & a hot water bottle! We are told there’s more flooding to come but it’s very quiet at the moment. One good thing tho’ is that trials of this kind bring people together as they help each other out. My telephone & broadband has been off since before Xmas so unable to reply to comments about the moles. Just thought, what will have happened to them under all that water? Will they have burrowed down very deep? I will have to see if new hills appear. I liked the rhyme Lindak & thank you for your comments Pansypotter, TT, Bathgate & Klahanie. I wish everyone on GoY a happy New Year. (Bulbs are poking through despite all the wet)!

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gosh what a shocking Christmas. but doesn't it lift your spirits when neighbours come through for you. Glad you managed a reasonable meal on the day.

We have had had butane rings etc and old fashioned oil lamps for as long as I can remember now. legacy of the 3 day week back in the 70's. my parents were belt and braces types.

2 Jan, 2014


It must have been dreadful for you but thank goodness for the kindness and team spirit of your neighbours, I sincerely hope that although you are now prepared you won't need to use your emergency supplies...
Happy New Year Feverfew.......

2 Jan, 2014


I'm sorry to hear your plans were ruined. I'd heard some places were without any power, but not sure where they were.
It's nice to know people pull together at times like that, even today, when everything seems so impersonal.

I hope there won't be any more floods and power losses, but they say there's more bad weather on the way. Perhaps we'll have a nice spring to follow :o)

2 Jan, 2014


I'm glad the spirit of Christmas was alive and well in your street Feverfew. Its heartening to hear good news in spite of all the awful news on TV and radio. We used to have lots of power cuts for quite long periods and as I still cook on a coal fired Esse Fairy built in 1946 I have seen my cooker with several dinners cooking away on top or in the four ovens. Thank goodness it never happened to us at Christmas. On my sons wedding day we had cateters coming to do the wedding breakfast as the bride wanted a traditional wedding with all the trimmings. It was only for 22 people but more than I could cope with. Just as the cake was being delivered a hi ab lorry coming from the sawmill took out all the power lines. He had forgotten to lower his arm on top of the lorry. Our next door neighbour came home, lit her gas cooker and left her back door unlocked so the caterer could go in and cook the yorkshire puddings. By the time we came back from church with the happy couple there were many electricity and telephone engineers sorting everything out. It was late in the day before power was restored. We still laugh about it. I do hope that any future flooding and power cuts give you a miss as I'm sure you all want to relax quietly. Happy new year and happy gardening in 2014.

3 Jan, 2014


Thank you for you comments & good wishes every one. I enjoyed your story about your son's wedding Scotsgran. Certainly a day to remember! I wonder if the chappie who knocked down the power lines got a rollicking from anyone.

3 Jan, 2014


I'm sure he would have Ff but we heard nothing from anyone about the incident. The BT boys came out because the electricity wires were on top of their lines. There were more engineers than guests. I dk if hearing it was a wedding they all turned out en masse to help save the day or if they hoped they might see the bride. I was shocked when it happened and the baker said I'd better report it to the electricity company. I was in a blind panic and gabbled at the receptionist that we were having a wedding and no electricity. She kept her head and asked where we lived and said they would send out help ASAP. I know people moan about the service at times like this past week but the engineers deserve a medal for the work they do in atrocious conditions. They too have families who have to put up with dads missing out on their precious family memories. God Bless them and keep them safe.

3 Jan, 2014


Feverfew, you had a challenging time - what a good thing it turned out reasonably, even if it was a bit unconventional. I've kept thinking about all those of you in exposed and flood prone places and hoping you are all OK.

What a story Scotsgran! There's no gas where I live but I've been grateful for our bottled gas cooker several times, and we also have the option of an open fire so we can eat and keep warm at any rate.

3 Jan, 2014


How awful for you, your neighbours and everyone else who is suffering from the flooding. But it does show the better side of human and how people can pull together when needed. I hope the forecasts for further flooding are completely wrong.

3 Jan, 2014


Hi Feverfew ...
Good idea to buy the gas ring, candles and hot water bottle !
Certainly a memorable Christmas, and you did well to make the best of a worrying situation ...

3 Jan, 2014


I so agree with you Scotsgran about the people who have had to give up their holiday time to help others. They've all done their best I'm sure even tho' some folks were without power longer than others. Best not to grumble but just soldier on! I am meeting up with my family on Jan 12 th ( Deo Volente)!

3 Jan, 2014

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