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Am I alone in enjoying weeding? The weather is hot and dry and, using my old cricket pads as kneelers, I’ve started intensive weeding.
Shirt off and handfork at the ready, I-pod playing “Carly Simon”, I find it one of the most relaxing of garden jobs.

No need to rush, “steady as she goes”, the day passes and I sleep “the sleep of the just” at night.

I’ve said before that I can’t figure out how I fitted a full time job into my life ( a retired French friend called for an aperiif yesterday and, when I mentioned it, he smote his brow and shouted, “Exactement”), so I’m not unique.

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I enjoy weeding too, spent all morning doing just that today. The only downside with weeding is it take away the possiblity of surprise plants from seed dropped by the wind/birds/animals.

7 Apr, 2011


I like weeding too for a while but always end up with horrendous aches and pains because of the bending over so can only do it in short burst.

7 Apr, 2011


I also enjoy weeding. I find it relaxing. But I am odd - I also find ironing relaxing lol

8 Apr, 2011


i love the satisfaction of seeing my plants and borders weed free,an all round enjoyable way to spend a day mucking out the garden

8 Apr, 2011


Me too,you are right,its good therapy..not thinking of anything else,only the job in hand..and so much better than being at work..I think most of us feel the same about did we have the time ! Happy days..:o)

8 Apr, 2011


Well, it looks like I'm not alone in 'drifting away' when weeding...thanks for the support.
Hywell, you are not so strange; a retired colonel I know, says ironing is 'THE' most therapeutic thing he does.

8 Apr, 2011


lol Well I'm glad I have company :o)

8 Apr, 2011


Your rockery area looks lovely.
I've added to GoYpedia Rockery Ideas. :o)

13 Apr, 2011


My OH describes me when I'm weeding as 'grubbing around in the garden'! Well, I don't mind removing weeds at all, just the birdsong in the background and I'm in my own little world! How sad is that? : o ))

19 Apr, 2011

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