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Buried Treasure


By expats


I suppose we all find ‘interesting’ things when digging our gardens. I’m sure that we’d all love to unearth the proverbial ‘pot of gold’ but usually it’s just a matter of, “How the heck did THAT get here”.

I’m continuing the ‘digging out’ of my silted-up mill race and I came across an article that really deserved the above question. An ancient broken (plaque??): on it a relief of a bishop (with staff and mitre) and the words “Abbot Crown”, in English. Not too weird until you consider that my ancient mill is in the French Massif Central.
What is it and how did it get here?

Another recent find is an Austrian belt buckle from the Franco/Prussian war (1870/71) which I assume was a ‘trophy’ brought back by a French soldier of that era.

I’m still looking for the ‘crown jewels’ but these finds are interesting enough…

What is your most interesting “Treasure Trove”?

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Your "treasures" look very interesting - I've never found anything of value in my garden yet - only lots of horseshoes of all sizes which suggests that there may have been a blacksmith or such round in this area at one time. I always keep looking in hopes.

25 Mar, 2011


i have only found stones, roots, weeds and the odd bit of glass or china sadly; i would love to find something interesting ~ like an ancient piece of jewelry; i wouldnt complain if i found a hoard of gold obviously!!
something with some interesting history would be really fascinating.

25 Mar, 2011


I found bones in the garden! The guy from the museum took them away for classification - not human but a 2 hundred year old cow! He asked if he could keep them to show the kids when he toured the schools. I agreed.

25 Mar, 2011


you might have had well aged beef there!

25 Mar, 2011


I was told there was a concrete path buried in the back garden and old cars buried in the front garden when I moved in. 26 years later and I haven't found either!

25 Mar, 2011


LOL! Stickitoffee. Well... they were no use for making soup with, that's for sure!

How strange Andrew, you'd think your spade would've hit something by now!

26 Mar, 2011


just some broken bits an bobs ................... oooooooooo and the oh hideing at the bottem og the garden , lol in case i ask him to do anther job haha

5 Apr, 2011

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