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Red Bottom blog on again & flagged


By dwyllis


This blog on Red Bottom Shoes was flagged a few days ago, & disappeared very quickly, but back again, so I just flagged it. We seem to be seeing a few of these now.

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Hi dwyllis, its 1.00pm here and its gone,...... unusual on a sunday,......I wonder if they removed it themselves and have had another go

12 Nov, 2012


I had it this morning around 4 am and flaged it.

12 Nov, 2012


Morning all. I had the "Red Bottom Shoes" again this morning...tuesday 13th...and once again flagged it.

13 Nov, 2012


Yes, I've just flagged yet another one. It's becoming a nuisance now.

13 Nov, 2012


And now it's gone :o) They're on the ball these days :o)

13 Nov, 2012


And yet another one today, which I flaged. It's gone now too :o)

14 Nov, 2012


It was weird Hywel I flagged it just after 7am, when I went back to latest blogs moments later it had gone but the one about the microsoft password which I had also flagged was still there

14 Nov, 2012


I suppose they take a while to do.

14 Nov, 2012

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