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NZ Native Plants


By dwyllis


As my garden is in its infancy stage at the present time, I have been putting up photos of plants & trees which are Native to New Zealand. I’ve done this for three reasons …. firstly, so that people have something to look at if they click into my Photos (other than just bare lawn or brand new flower beds with tiny plants & lots of bare earth) ….. secondly, to allow people to see some of our lovely indigenous flora & fauna (not sure where the volcano fits in there, but no NZeddar can put up an album without a volcano in it, as we have sooooo many) …. & thirdly, to educate myself. I only know a handful of the commericially-popular NZ Native plants & trees, so it is great to be coming across some lovely ones which I knew nothing about …. some of them will now be included into my garden, such as the native clematis & the lovely blue star creeper (though must make sure it is non-invasive), & the lovely native hibsicus & jasmine. I already have a medium-sized native Kowhai tree growing along my driveway, & have just planted a native white Kaka Beak (small tree of 2 mtres). So I hope people will enjoy my photos, as I build up my own garden …. will also take pics of it as we go along.

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You'll have to write a blog about NZ plants, with photos. It would be interesting for us in the UK! :-)

22 Sep, 2011


Thats a good idea Dwyllis, I`ve learnt lots more of the names of our own widflowers and suchlike since joining Goy, as Spritz has already stated it is interesting for us to see what grows in your part of the world..

22 Sep, 2011


I'll have to try to see your photos. I'll have to try and get round to it. Maybe you could include some in a blog. I find difficulty going through all the photos. Sounds interesting.

22 Sep, 2011


Thanks everybody. It's amazing how much I am learning about my own country. I left NZ to go to live in England, when I was 17, & apart from regular visits to see parents & family, & a brief spell of three years, I didn't return to live here until I was 48. So lots to catch up on. For example, I knew less than a handful of our native plants & only three of our native birds, so this is a wonderful experience for me, & I'm very happy to share it with others, as my infant gardens grow.

Hywell .... if you click onto my name Dwyllis, you should then be able to click onto my photos & see them all. I know there are so many wonderful pics on this site. I am coming onto GoY now first thing when I switch on. Haven't been on FB for three days!! People keep texting me to see if I have already had my surgery, because I have suddenly gone missing lol.

22 Sep, 2011

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