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Sad Day


By dwyllis


Feeling very low today, as a dear friend in Texas, who I was planning to visit next year, passed away a few hours ago. She was just 53 & in good health until Friday last week, when she developed a chest infection & was given an antibiotic injection. Dr gave her triple the normal dosage to hit the infection hard, but tragically Cindy had a massive allergic reaction to it, had a cardiac arrest, & had been on life support since then. But brain activity returned to normal & we all had high hopes of her making a full recovery. Sadly, her kidneys & liver failed & the build up of toxins in her body just proved too much for her. They had been hoping she would stabilise enough to do dialysis, & then decided to do it anyway (very hard on the body), but then she deteriorated & life support was switched off & she passed away with husband & family & close friends at her side. I’ve come into GoY to look at all the pretty gardens to lift my spirits. I am going to miss her so much.

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Very saddened to read this Dwyllis, i`m glad you have come onto Goy, its very hard to deal with things sometimes but I know from personal experience that looking at the gardens on here can help even if its done with tears. My thoughts are with you....

15 Sep, 2011


Think of your friend as in the garden, plant something to remind you of her and then whenever you go out to the garden you can have a quite moment.

16 Sep, 2011


Nice idea Grannyb.

So sad to read this as I know au too well the horrible effects of meds! I think they treat us like guinea pigs. Over dose us not stopping to think it might be too much. Sometimes they are sadist! I say that from experience. So my heart goes out to you, it really does. I hope your friends spirit is free and happy and that you'll meet again one day.

So like Grannyb said plant something nice, a flowering shrub maybe, maybe it could have blooms of her favorite color or something. Maybe even a fruit tree of a fruit she likes. Or just something that you can associate with her.
It's truly very sad and I send comfort and hugs.

16 Sep, 2011


So sorry to hear this Dwyllis. My thoughts are with you at this time. God bless.

16 Sep, 2011


Oh that's an awful shock for you. You must be feeling so sad now. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and I hope you and her family will have the strength to deal with it. You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers x

16 Sep, 2011


how sad for you and what a shock that must have been.Have you thought of getting a plant with her name if that is possible, then you can look at it every day and remember her. x

16 Sep, 2011


Bless you, Dwyllis, how very sad for you and your friends family. Do as Grannyb. says and plant a lovely tree or shrub in memory of your dear friend. Take care now.x

16 Sep, 2011


Sorry for the loss, we lost our brother-in-law on Wednesday, he was only 65, the Big C got him.

16 Sep, 2011


Oh, I'm so sorry Dwyllis, that's such a tragedy, her family must be as bereft as you. These people should be brought to justice for their actions, I lost my Mum through the surgeon's negligence during a routine operation, and she suffered a rapid deterioration similar to you friend' terrible to watch, and as fresh as today to remember. My heart goes out to you, I bought a rose in memory of Mum just this year, and funnily enough, it does help.

I'm sorry too, for your loss Oldgunner, that's a young age too, such a shame...

16 Sep, 2011


How tragic Dwyllis and such a shock for you so sad and so young....

19 Sep, 2011


oh i am so sad to hear about your friend Cindy, am sorry, what a shock...far too young. Also to sorry

27 Sep, 2011

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