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do you use yours in the right way?


By dungy


Good morning all,
Well its forcast to be dry here today,
But looking out of the window it looks very ghostly a mist is dancing across the lawn and the statue i re-vamped and put under the old apple tree looks like some sort of ghost as half of its just above the mist,

But we’ll see later if i need shorts and a “T” shirt or not (some hope)

I was reading a chapter last night just before i turned the light out ref freezing food etc,

“I have a read everynight until it makes no sense and then it’s lights out”

Anyway back to the read, This book was saying how good a freezer is if it’s used correctly,
Many people just have a freezer as some sort of extension of the supermarket’s own freezer’s

ie Take out of the supermarket freezer transport it home and put the goods into the home freezer.

If how ever you grow your own or even buy the fruit /veg when its in season and cheaper "this is the way to get the best out of the home freezer and save plus eat better quality food. (You know what your putting in the home made pies etc)

And i do agree,
When baking or making stews etc if you double up ie one for the table one for the freezer it wont take that much extra time or oven space to help fill your freezer and we all know half the bought freezer food hasn’t got that same home cooked taste.

The same thing for saving home grown food ie bottled fruit,
So simple to do and for those fruits you have lots of "Apple/pears:/Plums/ cherry etc you just cant go wrong if you use them and again they’ll all freeze on their own & ready for when you do bake or make stews etc.

Ive said it many times when you really think of the cost of buying a small fruit tree/bush !!!! it’s an investment that pays many times over as year after year you have fresh fruit for the table.

So is the freezer being used in the best way ? OR just an extenstion of the suppermarket one filled with fancy box’s with nice pictures on them and you cant eat the picture’s and the pkt ends up in the waste bin anyway.

We’re all aware of the cost of food these days and we can save if we use the the likes of the freezer in the right way,
Our Grannies didnt have freezers and the equipment we have today to both speed up and make cooking a lot easier but they did’nt have half the waste we tend to except as the norm today,
So have a think ref the topic and lets hear your honest thoughts on todays subject.

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I've alway tried to use my freezer as both a labor saving item and a money saver.
If I bake or make sauces, soups etc I try to make extra amounts to freeze to be used when I'm busy doing something else (gardening) I also used to freeze fruit, veg from my allotment when I had one.
I also look out for BOGOF bargains in the local 'freezer' shop.
So many people do as you say, buy from the supermarket just to transfer it to the freezer at home, but not everyone is able to shop regularly or to cook large amounts in order to freeze part. As for growing produce to freeze to use later in the year, again not everyone has a big enough garden or allotment etc.
My pet gripe is the use of Microwaves just to reheat or defrost. They are fantastic for cooking with saving time and energy, but lots of people have no idea how to use them correctly.

4 Mar, 2014


Thanks Waddy,
Thats a very true point ref the micro-wave.

You said you once had an allotment, "me also"
The day they council took it back was a very sad day for a lot of the members,
"but again i learnt a lot from members and past a lot of my learnings on to other younger members as they arrived.

Gardening/cooking and healthy living go hand in hand.
Thanks for your remarks Waddy.

4 Mar, 2014


I wouldn't be without my freezer, I of course do buy from the supermarket but also like to start from fresh at home, best of both worlds, lifesaver at xmas, as one can prepare so much in advance .........

4 Mar, 2014


I always try to freeze portions of meals such as curries, bolognese, chilli, soups, stews etc and they are so handy to just get out of the freezer when you want a day off of cooking. It's indispensable to store all the fruit and veg when there is a glut. The microwave is handy if you forget to get the said frozen meal out early enough to defrost. It's also good for making a quick sponge pudding. That's about all I use mine

7 Mar, 2014

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