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By dungy


I was reading an copy of country living and i came to a story ref pubs closing down, “country pubs”

They’re saying these pubs are closing down at an alarming rate because of lack of customers And people not using them.

It made me remember a time only a few years ago when i went back to the uk for a friends wedding,

After the “big day” i stayed on for a weekend at a country pub next to the canal near to a place called “Nantwich cheshire”

On the friday evening i noticed not very many people in the bar or restaurant,
come saturday i was really taken back by the way the older gentleman land lord spoke to a motor cyclist as he walked in the half full bar are dressed in full motor cycle kit,

Are you on a motor bike ? ( The land lord asked in a very loud and stern voice)

The rider removing his helmit looked well over 60 years of age and replied “yes im on the AJS motor bike”

Have i parked in the wrong place?

No was the reply, But you’ll leave your helmit behind the bar if you want serving in this pub.

The rider asked why would he want to leave his helmit behind the bar?

Right thats enough, on your way he was told.

On my last day (Sunday) at this B&B PUB I was having a bar meal when a couple who had sat outside with their little yorkie dog decided to come inside as it really started to rain hard,
The Land lord again in top voice said.

No dogs allowed in this pub unless they’re guide dogs.
The elderly couple looked at each other and walked out.

And the likes of country life are telling us country pubs are closing down at an alarming rate!!!
I wonder why?

Many a time ive walked into “mainly” Yorkshire pubs when i spent a lot of time walking at weekends and i’d find the open fire, the farmers in their over-alls sitting on the seats and under the table would be the sheep dog,

Ive never been attacked by any dog or it’s owners or the Landlords,
Infact ive never felt out of place or seen an near empty real country pub Inspite of me arriving soaking wet and wearing muddy walking boots,
Ive been
Laughed at in a joking way by the country locals as one has asked if its still raining.
Whats gone wrong with people and their strange ideas of being friendly?

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Forty years in this country and never been inside a pub. I see them from the outside and admire their beautiful hanging baskets. Now one after another are disappearing from my area and are replaced by the so-called luxurious flats.

2 Mar, 2014


That's incredibly rude Costas and very bad for business.Pubs round here are visitor friendly, its good to say.
Nice to hear Nantwich mentioned, I used to work at the school by the canal.

2 Mar, 2014


Yes there are a few country pubs like that I am afraid and agree with Steragram not good for buisness, I went to Hamshire a little village where even the walls are thatched, with my son some years ago, to help his oap father in law , the father in law treated us to a meal in the local country pub.

Where a well smart gentle man local was sitting at the bar chatting to the land lord, he started to shout out where do they come from I wonder, then said I don't care where they come from Wales, England etc they no need to come here they can off back from where they came.

I wonder if he would of said that if he knew the father in law was in the R.A.F special forces during the 2nd WW, also worked for government and other very important ways to save this country.

My daughter took her client a disabled mentally challanged to our local pub here in my village she was asked to leave as they stated her client is putting his customers off because she tended to make loud sounds and shout.

My other daughter went to another local pub with her husband, when they entered the pub every one continued to stare at them until they left.

So yes I agree I can see why they are all closing. They should nt judge a book by its cover.

2 Mar, 2014


You've hit the nail right on the head,
Dont judge a book by its cover,

As ive said and ive seen for my self some of the nicest people dont have much if anything to do with other people "they'd feel better with animals,

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all understood a few things in life,
ie We only pass this way once And all of us are only landlords,
You take nothing with you when you leave this world.

As you and yours have experienced the nasty people,
the couldn't consider how some people have to live through no fault of their own "shall we say different lives,
It really makes you wonder if these people have ever looked any further than their own self pity.

Your daughters did the right thing in just trying to please a few people who need to be understood
Good on them.

3 Mar, 2014


At the end of the day its all down to greed and selfishness, hence my belief on this link.

we never own any thing we are always in debt buy a pub, house etc it belongs to the banks till paid for, gas, electric etc we are in debt all the time as it is nt paid for up front here and we don't own these companies.

As you say we can't take any thing with us when we are dead. As when we die it all goes back in the box.

3 Mar, 2014


Hi thrupenny,
Firstly I understand what your saying ref in some cases always owning now't
But in an other way your wrong,
Now please let me explain a few points here and maybe you'll understand we're im coming from.

Ref always in debt!!!
Buying anything is what you make of it,
If you decided to only buy a place thats going to see you paying for it for most of your life "then yes" your correct

But if again you really do your home work ie the paying for gas/electric /rates House insurance etc.
The you can do things another way,

When we lived in north-wales just outside of chester
our rates we're the same as people living in chester,
high very high and always getting higher

We had no say in the cost of gas/electric we paid the same "high" cost as everyone else.

And as you've said we couldnt have any deal with the likes of the gas or electric people ref a cheaper deal's

ie could we pay for the 5 years worth of fuel at todays prices.

Now we live in france we can,
we do have oil centrial heating and we do have to pay the going rate, So no saving here,

But we also have wood burning stove's
Now "like the french" we can buy as much wood today at todays cost as we like "2 or 3 years ahead of our burning needs if we like,

By being able to do this in 2 or 3 years time our pre paid for wood will be burnt then at the price we paid today & believe me you really can save a good amount,
Wood here works out cheaper than gas oe solid fuels.

Because of the fact that her we do have a summer every year starting in the norm from around april "some times at the start of the month and sometimes at the end of april"
But we'll not light a fire until approx october because as ive said we do have a summer and the mornings are light early and the evenings stay both light and warm until late,
All this means your not burning fuel to heat the house
and your electric bill is not topping up using lights when they're not needed.
Again when we look at the heating and electric bill's we had in north-wales compered to whats spent here "its a lot less"

Again in north wales our rates for the size of the house we had there was just crazy & every year they went up,

We had a 3 bed roomed house and we we're lucky in that we had a big garden to the rear and the main road to the front,
Here we have 2 acre's and in the countryside no traffic,
6 neighbours in the hamlet non over looking anyone,

we built our own pool and we've a 40 foot barn plus two stables plus what was a pigs house (now used for wood storage)
We have mains water (with its own meter so we pay for what we use) and again believe me this water is a lot cheaper than we paid un-metered.
Our cooking needs are supplied via calor gaz as is our neighbours, again this works out cheaper than the gas bourds did in the uk and we can have a say in buying for the future.
Our rates for living in this house with pool etc is approx 1/3rd to what we paid in the uk.
Both house Insurance here & our car's are again cheaper than the uk,
Petrol is a little cheaper but not worth crying about
But we dont have road tax here, Now again this is a big saving as comp/to what we did pay in the uk
and my own car is a "Bentely" and the road tax and insurance in the uk was a joke.

Now having said all this housing in this neck of the woods are still very good value and if your willing to do an older place up to your living standard as we and hunderds of other german/english/ & dutch people have you can still today buy a place here with good size gardens etc for under 100,000 euro.

I pass a house everytime we go to our local super/market that was sold 18 month agao for 60,000euro and it's been getting done up by an older couple and its coming on just fine,
Like us they've had to have the get up and go to do as much work as they could and see the end of the so called tunnel,
They wont have debt for their home until they"re dead
they did'nt run with the crowd, do as the neighbours did they sat down and decided enough was enough, they wanted more for their money,
Now they live in the village and have all the modern things you'd expect like street lighting, the roads gritted
etc etc we're as we dont have street lighting and our human waste is in a system called a foss tank that we have emptied every year, "no problem" but thats up to us to have done.
So as ive said in the past if your getting near to retirement or want to start your own way of earning a living (and lots of ex-pats do) if you enjoy peace perfect peace ?
Then do your home work and see if its for you,
We did it and it was only because we didnt want to be part of a system that didnt seem to be going anywere except into a life of stress .
I hope what ive said may just help someone see what can be done if your willing to have a think.

3 Mar, 2014


Thank you for all this information and explaning. But I was mainly refering to the uk. I know what France is like I ve travelled in the 80s to Hyres then again to Frejus traveling by road from Calais right they way down old road way and autobound way so I know its better living and cleaner streets etc out there.

4 Mar, 2014

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