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And now the final side of gardening


By dungy


I well its the end of yet another day and all’s calm weatherwise here,
But as far as the title says the final side of gardening to think about,
All creatures great and small,

Now some of you may expect James Herriot to say a few words !!
But he can’t “No” he’s out with the cow’s so i thought i’d use his tv title,

The yet another side to gardening is the insects, the small creatures ie Moles/mice and even Rats, rabbits etc etc,

These are the other side to gardening,
The Learning what insects are the gardeners friends "such as Ladybirds, and even what plants we should plant to help keep the bad insects away ie greenfly, white fly etc etc ,
Frogs are a good creature to have in your garden as they eat a lot of the pests, ie slugs being one of many.

Even trying to keep the birds in our gardens is a good thing,

"They"ll eat insect’s in the summer

So to feed them through the bad weather is to our advantage everytime.
So as a hobby i think by now anyone looking to take gardening up has been given in the last weeks worth of blogs A few thoughts on some of the other ways of looking at what the gardening has to offer no matter what your own physical thoughts are.

But as a last offer the gardening has,
Its forums such as this one that also is part of gardening thats on offer,

The help on offer if wanted,
The shared thoughts and chats daily “if wanted”
or if you’d like your own company ? then you can just read what the other members are talking about.

When i say "Gardening & general country living go hand in hand im saying its time well spent.

I hope these last few blogs ref gardening have given folk with time on their hands a few ideas as to what and why so many people garden.
Good gardening to you all.

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