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And yet another side to gardening


By dungy


Hi folks,
Diane was saying in her mail that she’ still has her camera from years ago,
It got me thinking about yet another side to gardening,
the taking of picture’s.

One of the good sides of car boot sales etc is that you can pick up some really good makes of camera thanks to people wanting these more modern ones that you just point, view, & click and then the mobile phones have also come along and again this has made the good makes of camera come onto the verious car-boot stalls
for very good prices.

The taking of pictures of anything in the garden plus projects to do with the garden are always worth while,

Ive said to my wife many times i should carry the camera around with us when we go out in the nice weather,

Here in the little hamlets of France we see some really unusual sights of ways people have grown plants in some very unusual containers etc,

Ive even drove passed an leanto on a house that was built with a tree still growing through the tin roof,
It really must have taken some building to do that.

But some of the pictures you can take to do with the garden ie pets and those unexpected snaps that are taken of the master doing his gardening "when he or she has no idea what you’ve done.

All are our now time’s and to be looked at later on in life as memouries.

It’s the simple things in life that are important and if you can have a record of them? then why not.

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So lets see some of your unusual ones Dungy! I'd love to see the tree growing through the roof.

14 Feb, 2014


Hi steragram,
Hope your well and happy.

It's not my tree and i didnt take a photo of it,
As i said i really must get the old camera out this summer and see what i come across as i go day to day,

The thought ref this subject was to help those who only think gardenening is about dig this plant that,
And to see the hobby is a lot more interesting than people may think and the camera is yet another side to this hobby,

I still remember the very first day i retired,
I now found i didnt go to work anymore,
I thought that people may think i was a dole bum who just sat at home all day, Didn't pay my way.

We did live on a main road at the time and i was walking down the side of our then house towards the small front garden

"lawn mower being pushed" 11am ish on a sunny monday morn,

when i felt this awful feeling of guilt as the local bus halted for a second and the few passengers looked in my direction!!!
Im glad to say "because of a very active life style and gardening being a very big part of it"
These feelings passed,

But i did have a hobby to do,

A lot of people who are now nearing retirement have'nt and its these people im saying "this is what's on offer here"
And its not just the actual soil work but a lot of other sides to this wonderful hobby.

15 Feb, 2014


Must admit I do like my camera close at hand and since seeing all the different pics on the blogs I do play with it a lot when in the garden seeing if I can capture the perfect shot and yes I can and do use my photo's as a record for my garden.
My hubby is well into the camera's and likes to experiment, when my dad passed away my hubby was given a couple of dads old camera's and likes to take the same shot and compare the differences, thats his contribution to our garden, mind you he's into the technical side of photography whereas I snap away and take my chances, lol........

15 Feb, 2014


Hi Linclass,
Im a bit late doing this tonight (been watching "Mrs Brown" on the tele)
Your right about taking the photo's and its a bet that you without knowing come up with the perfect shot and your other half thinks "how the hell did she get that one !!

Its like my other half,
Ive been thinking in a few years time of making an extention on the end of the house so i can have a workshop for my other hobby ie cars/motor cycles, But i'd need a hydrolic car lift so i can get under the cars,
Well ive hummed and hard about how to do this,
It's not only the cost,
But as i live on farming land its just murder trying to get anything added on to your house that isn't to do with farm animals,
They just wont given planning go ahead,

Tonight out of the blue my wife said, why not take down part of the floor above the barn so you'd have enough height to have the hydrolic car lift in.

Its such a simple idea, But one ive never thought about and one i dont need plans drawn up for and it's a lot cheaper than a new building.

I take my hat off to her i really do.

15 Feb, 2014


There you go then, we aren't just pretty faces and contrary to popular belief, the wife does listen to what hubby is saying, even though doing something else at the time and appearing to be ignoring the conversation......LOL.

16 Feb, 2014

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