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The 14th's not far away???? "Hint"


By dungy


Hi all, Yes the day every lady can remember when she got her first valentines day card,

Most men didnt get them unless they sent their own,

Do you remember your first card?

And did you think you knew who sent it????

And do you men folk still send flowers?

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I still have mine Dungy, lol, its the only one I still have though and no not flowers as such but he does often buy me something connected to gardening, used to buy me lots of Maltesers as they were my favourites, now its usually crisps as I prefer them rather than chocolate...

11 Feb, 2014


I can't remember my first one, but I do get one each year now from a very kind colleague along with some chocolates and last year I even got a gold watch! :)

11 Feb, 2014


Thats a nice reply from both Ladies,

I'll be honest here I never got any cards as a lad, and one of my more romantic mates once was caught in the school boys loo kissing his bent arm and looking at himself in the mirror,
He'd recieved a card and wanted to have his first french kiss with the girl he thought had sent it to him and so he was trying out how to do it, (he was the schools girls must have boy)

I played a lot of football in those days (14 yrs old) and i wasn't really a girls fancy,
Infact i had teenage spots and that record by peter cook & dudleymoor had just be released called spotty maldoon,

I had no chance with the girls so i didnt get any cards until i met the "now" wife and the front had all these miniture hearts floating all over it,
(I thought they we're spots)
ARHH, Happy days.

11 Feb, 2014


LOL. I can remember the girls and boys doing that as well, personally I always thought it was a bit daft but a lot better than what one of my mates did, she carved her boyfriends name on her arm and got it in the neck from the rest of us for being an idiot...

12 Feb, 2014


Can't remember my first card I'm afraid. My husband has never failed to give me a bunch of flowers, usually white freesias as he knows they are my favourite.

I do have a valentine's card sent by my great-great grandfather to his sweetheart, who later became
his wife :-). He sent the card in 1839 and it's still in it's original box.

A lovely thing to own.

12 Feb, 2014


Yes I agree "Diggnfit",
Its those simple things in life that you really remember,

I remember stupid things from when i was a kid,
Like me Dad telling me to tell the teacher we lived in a semi,
Well "Yes" in one way we we're the only people in our street who did live in a semi,

"But" that was only thanks to "Hitler" and his bomber planes bombing our street,
I could have told the teacher that we we're the only house with wall paper on the outside wall's.

12 Feb, 2014

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