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I wonder


By dungy


Hi folks,
Its a few wet days ahead for us lot here,( france ) or so the weather people say,

Ive been in the garden removing some unwated water feeders off the fruit trees,
It was while doing this my mind got to thinking about the apple tree we had in our garden back in wales and what i grooved into it 36 years ago now,

It was a heart shape with the initials of both me & the wife and the L in the middle complete with arrowe going through the centre,
I did this one valentines weekend as a for ever card.

Did any of you old romantics do anything like this?

Come on dont be shy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would not call my husband romantic. The most romantic thing I ever did was to propose to him on Blackheath Station in South London almost 50 years ago. His relply "O.K"

7 Feb, 2014


Our initials were carved into a stone bridge in one of the local villages in 1963, sadly worn away now, been back and looked for them many a time, lol.....

7 Feb, 2014


WHat do you mean! Not romantic,

Being a man your other half sound's really "cool"

Now if he would have been laying in bed mending a punture in his push bike inner tube at the time and after excepting your offer "He then said' pass me that pump and shove the kettle on!

Well that really would sound a bit like Mr Bernard skrips (heatbeat fame or mrs buckets brother in law)

But to say OK, Well he proved after 50 yrs he knew it would last.

My wife asked me, and then she said "but" you'll have to phone me dad to make sure he's happy about it.

My reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that the time?

7 Feb, 2014


My dad kept on at me to marry him. He thought he was wonderful. We had been dating over three years and if it was left up to him we would still be dating now. My dad died not long after I married but he walked me down the aisle and I think that meant everything to him.

7 Feb, 2014

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