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Making space


By dungy


Evening play mates,
Well what a day, the weather was forcast “world war two” weather ie lots of flashes, bangs from the thunder and wind blowing strong "like when to many beans have been eaten,
But “yes”
its been dull, and yes its sort of tried to rain and then stop and then try again, the grounds not really dry enough to do any grass cutting, but no
We’ve not had thunder/lightening or wind,

So i decided to carry on with the plans to clear the border ready for some serious rotovating,

Now its really a surprise when you stand back and look at what you planted a few years ago as little more than a twig “but now its grown”

Yes you did your job well and created a huge bush,
But then comes the time to make this huge bush back near to its former glory & size by clipping it into a shape that fits the border.
So the single phontinia had to be delt with and by the time i’d clipped it down and in!
it looked much better and i had much more space than i thought i’d have,

This led to more reducing of veious shubs that’ll need a gardeners hair cut,
the dog wood, for one, the broom for another and all the time this is going on the trailers getting fuller and the clouds are getting darker,

But i continued and then it was looking a lot more of a clear space (when visitors arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

5PM And i was off to whats going to be our allotment one day with a trailer full of cut-offs,

After unloading this little lot i sat on the tractor seat just looking for miles and miles at pure bliss,

fields after fields and no sign of any humans,

I can see how sometimes farmers and the like get hurt and have trouble getting help (thank god for mobile phones)
I sat there for about 10 mins enjoying my lion chocolate bar and a drink of water and thought what a lovely place to make an allotment out of,

“It’ll be hard going but worth it” And im looking forward to many a day growing a lot of what we buy now but home grown.

Well like many a gardener i didnt do half as much as i thought i’d do so tomorrows another day.

Good gardening to you all.

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what a lot of hard work dungy, felt tired just reading it!
you deserved the lion bar.

20 Jun, 2013


Did someone mention chocolate? Is there any left?lol

Good to hear you've been working hard Dungy, I've been making space in my garden too. Clearing away the jungle of self seeded aquilegia that were threatening to take over the entire garden! Now what shall I plant in the new gaps?:)

20 Jun, 2013


They do have a habit of growing Dungy, its asking for trouble here when I'm armed with my pruning shears, I start out ok but don't know when to stop, when one shrub is sorted I tend to go looking at the others and as you know one snip leads to another and so on.
We've done well this week, had four sunny days in a row, now thats a record for this year, it broke up mid-afternoon and is still raining 11-30pm, at least it saved me having to cart the watering can about, as you say tomorrow is another day, my dad used to say another day, another dollar, lol....

20 Jun, 2013


try planting a chocolate coloured anything,

(helps you think of those long winter nights the fire burning & a big bar of chocolate "now get on with your gardening)
regards and thinking of you always Dungy.

21 Jun, 2013


Still very wet and soggy this morning, I'm house sitting awaiting delivery at my daughters, a list of pottering jobs to do to while away the hours but at the moment I'd need my wellies, good excuse to catch up on the blogs don'tcha think, lol.....

21 Jun, 2013


Same storms though...

Good luck with your allotment, Dungy...I don't know how you do it all! Will there be a little market the future...perhaps? :)

21 Jun, 2013


Dungy, funnily enough, last weekend I bought a Chocolate Cosmos plant! I'm tempted to take a bite, but had better not, looks great though:)

21 Jun, 2013


Hello folks, and thank you all for the replies,
Karren last year i had a real bumper of apples pears etc and so i put a sign at the end of our track saying free fruit please help yourself and i put lots of little wooden tomato box's full of fruit and a pile in sacks, but i wanted if poss to keep the sacks,
got up the next morning and i'd more or less forgot about this fruit being outside our gates,
later on i went to get our mail from the mail bow outside our gates and not a single bit of fruit left,

4pm i got a call from the marie office telling me they took the sacks & box's of fruit this time but please note its not the norm so please dont leave anymore!

I bet the bin men took it all home.

21 Jun, 2013

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