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Old but still the best ever made


By dungy


Greetings seedlings and the older folk,
Well the weather has been rain/thunder And very warm today,
Because ive so much catching up to do in the garden i can leave one job if im rained off and as soon as the weather changes & it stops raining i can get on with another job,

Now keeping this in mind ive got the howard-gem “rotovator” out of the barn and started it up ready for some serious border rotovating in the very near future,

This rotovator is the same as the one you see in the tv program “The good life” its a diesil engine “three forward gears and one reversing gear change”

When they made these rotovators they really did know what they we’re doing,
Ive had this one for 22 years now and its as good as when i bought and it was second hand then,

Ive always said quality pays every time and the only other machine i have thats older than the howard – gem is my car and again made to last an good quality again.

The howard-gem
really will turn any soil over and makes a good job of it everytime,
So the plan is to wait until this rain has finished for a day or so & then get the soil to a very fine tilth.

Im really that far behind to what im at by the middle of june,
(Thanks to the machine makers) I can catch up and grow things.

I must admit this really is a strange summer so far.

Well moaning never got the baby a pair of new shoes but working hard did,
so thats my solution to the being behind in my garden.

How are other’s finding this weather and sorting the garden out?

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Hi snoopdog,
I bought this Howard-gem from an old man who was one of the members of our allotments,
He was in his late 60's when he had heart trouble and his wife made him give the allotment up,

Now i didnt know what he did for a living and the allotment members started moaning about us hiring the rotovator from the tool hire shop as some felt they we're paying the same for less use and so i said i was thinking of buying my own and sod all the moaning,
"St bernard" as we called this memeber sent a note to me asking if i'd give his wife and daughter a hand to clear away his tools etc and i sent a note back saying give me your keys and i'll do the job for him.

I'd never been to his house in 12 years of knowing him and when i got the directions of his address and took the tools there i was amazed at what a very nice area he lived in and his gardens we're really nice, (he was a landscape gardener for many years)

He asked if i was still looking to buy my own rotovator and i said yes, his wife took me into the workshop and tha was the first time i laid my eyes on howard,

He slowly came out and gave me instructions how to start her up,

(Tickle her, now "3/4" hand throttle, "now check she's out of gear, and wind her once,

"she'll cough" and on the second wind she'll blow your bloody hear off lad!!)
I can still hear his voice from that day & i really do think he was sorry to see howard going away from his ownership.
And i bought it in three payment's of £60 per payment
It was the best buy ive ever had and its still used today at least twice a year for a couple of weeks at a time,

it takes a little getting use to but what a beast and i can guarantee it'll start on the second turn everytime no matter how long its sat in the barn.
A real quality built piece of machinery.

19 Jun, 2013


Lovely story.

19 Jun, 2013

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