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By dungy


greetings earth lovers,
Well it’s been a real hot hot hot day here today,
the sort of heat that makes you glad of shade,
the french do have some good ideas and one of them that everyone has is the shutters on the windows,
they are good in times of a storm but also for security and shade when its getting a bit to hot, And todays been one of those days here.

But it was shirts off “old hat on” and the ride-on mowers out,
The grass needed cutting and so thats now been done and its started to spit a little now, (That warm rain)

I was going through some tools today and i found my favourit hoe,
Ive a few verious size’s hoe’s but this one is small and ideal for getting between plants,
I bought this hoe from woolies years ago and it was 7/6p
Ive never even changed the pole handle on it,
all ive really done is sharpen the blade and thats it.

I makes me wonder “what tools” owe you nothing, the ones you bought years ago “used” and are still using today?
I think everyone likes value for money and we gardeners do get to like a certain tool more than some other tools,
The tools that fit into your hands better, seem to work better.
It can be a sad day when such a tool comes to the end of it’s life or if theft takes it away from you,

When i had the allotment one night all the tool shed doors we’re forced and lots of tools we’re taken never tobe seen again, non of us had insurance and so it was start again ref getting tools but it takes time to get the same feel again.

We did have one member on the allotments who after the theft decided to check out every local car boot sale any adds in shop window’s etc for second hand tools,
even the local free paper add’s,

After weeks of him doing all this detective work one of the other members asked if he’d cracked the case of the missing tools?

It was on a saturday morning while all the lads we’re enjoying a bacon toasty that this question was asked!

A sharp “NO” was his reply.

And how come your not cycling in these days? (Question 2)

Because some "B——-d " piched me bike while i was in a house looking at some spades.

I dont think there was a dry eye on the allotment that morning, and i know my sides hurt with laughter,

We knick named him “sherlock” from then on,!!!!

Gardening should be a happy time.

Well im stiffening up and so its shower time,
regards Dungy.

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Now thats rubbing it in Dungy, I've just stated on your previous blog that my lawns are shouting at me, lol..
I have a pair of pruning shears that my grandad gave to my mum who then gave them to me, they were my grandads old pair and were passed onto mum over 50yrs ago, I doubt whether any of my others will last that long...

17 Jun, 2013


I still use a rake and hoe that Dad used many decades ago. I still have his spade too but it's a bit too heavy for me so bought a lighter one more suitable for female hands some years ago. I like the feel of old tools that have had a very long working life.

17 Jun, 2013


I use second hand stuff on my allotment this includes a shovel that once belonged to the L.M.S railways because they is there stamp on it so that is pre 1948.

18 Jun, 2013


I have my Mum's fork and spade too, love gardening with them. I have some of my Dad's tools too but they are a bit on the heavy side for me, my son uses them when he helps out in the garden. I have replaced one or two items with Wolf Garten tools; in the main they are durable, well designed, comfortable to use and take up little storage space. They may be more expensive but I am sure the next generation will be happy to inherit them too.

18 Jun, 2013

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