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Good evening all,


By dungy


Well what a day,
im knackard, ive really had a good days gardening and ive just had my hair pruned, so i look like the local council have cut my hair,
to be honest ive seen more hair on bacon than on my head,

Why dont the makers make a shampoo just called “Shoulders”?
They have to rub it in by calling it "Head & shoulders dont they!?

But back to the gardening, It’s been cooler here today but warm enough to have just a “T” shirt on,

“Oh” and trousers (dont want you to think im one of those nature lover gardeners who garden “Nude”

Can you imagen being on your knee’s weeding in the nude!
I get bites in parts im amazed at how ants etc can get there at in the first place and im fully clothed,

No i really wouldnt fancy “Naked” gardening.

We’ve not had any callers today but i did get a phone call from a couple who’ve just bought a house near to us and we met in the post office a few weeks ago,
we got talking about the garden and i was asked if i found it any cheaper than buying veg from the open friday market we have here,

Well after the phone call i returned to the greenhouse to finish off re-potting roundhead cabbages i’d been doing,
and i asked the boss what price we would pay for a roundhead cabbage in the shops etc,

1euro 50 cents was the reply,
I’d just counted how many from a half used seed pkt I’d just re-potted and it was 48,

48 @ 1.50 =72 euro approx £65.
Not bad for a few hours relaxed work and when these are harvested and used for freezing and chutney making etc etc the savings will be even better plus i know these are clean of chemicles.

So i think the growing your own can be a saving ,
Whats your thoughts on this one?

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It is so much cheaper growing your own. I had the use of a greenhouse for the past few years as my friend spent 8 weeks in the uk and 8 weeks in France all the year round. I had masses of cucumbers and tomatoes but as they have moved I shall have to try growing them in my mini greenhouse or make room in the flower borders.

18 Apr, 2013


Hello cammomile,
Ive just read your nice reply to my blogg and pre reading your reply i was reading the BBC news,

What a crazy mixed up world we're living in, bombs going off here there and every where, young man charge with the rape of an 11 year old,

And then myself and my wife just living the very simple life, "yet" we're happy "more" than happy and what makes us feel this way!
a crazy thing called a hobby, and part of that is the greenhouse and what we grow from a dust like set of seeds, to fully grown plants, fruits.

I wonder if some of these nutters who cause so much pain in this world ever did have any interest in just the simple things in life as we do,

So many people both living alone and people working together enjoy spending their time gardening be it for food or for the sight of flowers,
We cant all be wrong, can we?

18 Apr, 2013

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