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By dungy


Yes it’s thursday 18th of april and ive just done what i do every morning (walk around “cup in hand” inspecting the garden to see whats happend over night)

Well inpection over, I can “like others” say a few changes have come over the last few sunny days, and ive found that by putting tags on everything last year has paid off,

But i wanted to pass on a very worth while tip’s ref naming and tagging anything in the garden from bulb area’s to shrubs etc etc ,

firstly if you use the plastic smooth sided labels and you find the winter weather has removed your “marking”
try after you’ve wrote what ever info you want on the label
painting ladies nail varnish over the face of the label,
it dries in seconds and will protect your labels “names” for years from rain/frost/ ETC.

It will mean you’ve a marked label that is’nt easy to remove but a least you’ll know whats under the ground when your weeding that area and what to expect when it starts growing.

I myself dont really like those plastic tags as i find they snap to easy,
So because i have the time in the winter now

“retired, snow on the roof but the fire in side is still burning”

I use wood & old gloss paint or a better longer lasting way is to cut old venetian blinds into strip’s and drill a hole for the wire and then use the nail varnish method.

But having been sowing verious seeds yesterday in the greenhouse “until it got to hot” if gives you time to think of all the saftey kit gardeners have to have these days,

when im about to use the strimmer for the grass bank infront of our house "i look like a cross between a darlick and a member of the SAS,
(Full face mask, hat, sleeved overalls, gloves, hard boots, legs covered and ear defenders,

Well inspite of all this "modern "ways of protection yesterday while sitting just enjoying an easy safe & quiet from any machine noise i managed to have a seed pod off a rhubecka head pop into my eye,

(i got it out and it didnt hurt "not that i got away with it all together, her indoors was ranting about loosing eyes and who’d drive her to the shops, who’d do this & that if i was blind)

But it just shows you even a little thing like getting the seeds from husk to plant pot has it’s hidden danger,

“Like wifes who could effect your hearing yet ive never seen any warning signs in any garden blogg for that ,

Male gardeners you’ve now been warned woman can make you deaf"

Have a nice gardening day.

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