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do you look over your shoulder?


By dungy

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Morning browsers,
Well i wish i could show you the view from the bath room window, it’s just sun and the garden,
ones pouring in (sun) through the window and the view looking out really get’s you wanting to get out there,

Im not long back from talking the boys for their early “Walkies”,
The nice thing about living here is when i walk out of the driveway gates ive a choice to make, “Turn left” and i walk towards open fields and ive a good chance of seeing the deer in the distance field,

“Turn right” and i’ll head towards the woods and further on through the woods i’ll be at the small river,
the dogs love it.

We turned left this morning and as we walked along the cow’s in the field walked in line with us, both mother cow and her calf’s just walked on their side of the fence but in line with us until they couldnt go anyfurther,

When we returned to their field some 30 mins later they we’re all still there in that same corner waiting for the walk to the other end of their field,

Nice or what!!

The hedges are all coming into bloom and the wild flowers on the banks again are showing there wild flowers,
When we first came to live here it was a big thing to see so many wild flowers just growing all over the place,
Now it’s the norm but still a lovely sight.

It’s that time of the year for a spring tidy up of the outside area’and ive a paint brush in hand as much as a trowel this last week,
Today ive to paint a coat of “sandtex” on a statue that sits by the pool, the statue is of a woman kneeling down combing her her and she’s nude, her name is fi-fi,

I dont know why but the last time i spruced her up i found myself looking over my shoulder (inspite of having no neighbours able to see into our garden)
to see if anyone was watching as i painted her boobs,

A bit like people who talk their loved ones as they lay flowers, "they always look around “over their shoulder” as they talk to the grave,
We’re a strange lot at times, But fi-fi has to be painted and looking her best.

Ive just heard the tractor chugging past our gate
that and the post van is about all the normal traffic we get here if we hear or see anyother vehicle we’re like the french “we stop what we are doing to have a nose” and to think when we first came here we thought the french did odd things,

But ive a greenhouse to water and fi-fi to paint and then pots and window box’s to sort out so i’ll just say,
enjoy your garden and have a nice day.

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Just you make sure to look after Fi Fi....I've stopped worrying what others think as I've so many strange ways that I'd never stop looking over my shoulder(not that anything I've said here is strange) well, not compared with me ...ha ha!! I wish I had outdoor painting weather.After 2 dry days when I could get out to work in my customers' gardens, it's raining here again this morning!

17 Apr, 2013

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