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Tree Fern - is it dead?


A couple of years ago we were given several tree ferns. Some were as small as two feet, some several. I wrapped them the same way this year as I did last year, but when I unwrapped them today, all I found was a yellowish pungant mush. I can’t see any sign of life or new fronds. I will be really miffed if the hard winter has killed them. I have also found that the Ghonerra hasn’t survived. At this rate, if next winter is the same as the last one, I won’t have much left to kill. I’ll write again in a couple of months with an update. I see I’m not alone in this situation on the West Coast of Scotland. Does anyone know if the plant survives when the top has been removed? I’m a bit green on this one.

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That's exactly what happened to mine dukeyfox, I unwrapped mine last week and I found this in the crown too and I can assure you I am just as miffed!! Has it happened to all your treeferns? What did you pack the crown with? I packed mine with leaves but I think the air was unable to circulate and that's why it turned mushy. I have scooped most of the yellow stuff out and let the air dry it, will wait now and see what happens (if anything). Funnily enough I am also from the west of Scotland! If you go to my homepage and click on my questions you will see some helpful answers but no one knows if it will survive.

11 Apr, 2010


Hi dukeyfox
My Agapanthus is the same. A horrible mush that oozes when you sqeeze it and the smell is horrible. I'm sure it was the colder winter than we usually have, as I had wrapped mine up too. I've taken root cuttings, as it has taken my years to get it to maturity.
I had to give up with Ghonerra. I was thinking of trying again, but maybe not.
I'm in the west of Scotland too!!

11 Apr, 2010


o wot a shame , my palm is dead as well. hoping my tree fern will survie. will put updates on

12 Apr, 2010

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