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Downloading photos to the site!


Can anyone tell me how to download a photo onto the site? Ive tried reducing my pictures down to 34kb still they dont load, the little thing keeps spinning round…for hours!!

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Dubriechat Go to options on the right had side and scroll down to add photos .

Choose a file then post and it will resize for you.

16 Jun, 2012


Sometimes this site is very slow. Maybe it will work better if you try another time ...
Nana d is also having problems, so it isn't just you. It has also happened to me in the past ... - try again on anither day :o)

17 Jun, 2012


It does sometimes take an awful long time, Dubrie...

I can go out and do some weeding, dead heading...come back in, put the kettle on, make a coffee...

...that sort of long... :)

17 Jun, 2012


Thank you very much to you all for the advice. I think I have been doing it right they just wont load. After Karenfrance's comments about the length of time to load looks like its very very slow....I went to the supermarket and for a swim and still it was loading!!

17 Jun, 2012


Oh dear, that is SLOW!!!
Just save your blog and try again later, Dubrie..
Some times are worse than others...

Or, maybe, try loading just one at a time? :)

17 Jun, 2012


well I always do a batch resize of my photos down to about 500kb and thats seems to be ok. If the site is busy at peak times it will take longer but should still go on, during the day is the best time.
However at 34kb it 'should' be ok but could be a few things. Hows your broadband?? its not accurate but do a quick check see what you get, this will give you a general idea

I wonder that if the site itself is resizing down anyway it might be your pics are too small!! so maybe try a bit bigger and have a go during the day

17 Jun, 2012

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