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By drc726


I want to add to my modern garden books for Christmas. Here are some of mine and I wonder what members recommend?

These I use a lot, not expensive and light to carry around and easy to use and I want to add to them, I think the Alan Titchmarsh series is a blatant copy of these and I stubbornly refuse to buy them!

This I like to keep in the car to identify some berries etc when I go out.

This one is 10 years old now but its extremely heavy so I dont use it as much although the info and photos are good.

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Wow ... you have some good gardening books there...
as you say... the smaller ones are easier to carry around than the huge, heavy books...

I hope Santa brings you some interesting additions to your collection :o)

2 Dec, 2010


I have recently bought 2 new ones.............
Rodale's Illustrated encyclopedia of Perennials. (comprehensive A-Z of plants. Garden Design. Choosing. Growing.)
Collins Handy Gardener
(the complete pocket sized garden manual)
I have found them both really useful.
I have the rock and water garden expert one too. I have put photo's on of these 2 books if you want to have a look.

2 Dec, 2010


I love books-- and find the hessayon ones excellent and reccomend them to friends-- have you seen the pocket ones, don't know how many in the series but mines on trees. The Botanica photo's look a bit like the RHS encyclopedia and looks lovely ( i've got one really old one with all the banned chemicals like nicotine in !!)

2 Dec, 2010


My bibles are The Royal Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, a double volume and very heavy. I probably use my Reader's Digest Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers as my first point of reference as it lists plants including their common names. I have had it for years and it is quite worn. After that I Google and of course I use GOY member's knowledge.
I think I need the Collins Handy Gardener.

2 Dec, 2010


I have some of those 'expert' books. I think they are very useful.

2 Dec, 2010


good collection Denise, i dont have any lol, just dont bother, but can see why you do, bet they help

2 Dec, 2010


I love my gardening books too,and have 4 of the "expert" ones,which I find are so useful,and clear and concise.I also love my RHS good plant guide ,A-Z,but still one of my favourites,is an old Percy Thrower hardback..If I can't find what I need to know,it is almost always in that one..I prefer to browse through these,than a magazine,anyday..

2 Dec, 2010


I have a couple of the "expert" series, plus the RHS A to Z.
But one of our local garden centres has a shed outside that is stuffed full of books for the customers to use as reference when shopping, so I tend to "leach" off these!

2 Dec, 2010


Its great to get you talking about your books. I envy you your Rodale's Illustrated encyclopedia of Perennials Homebird that does sound good. No I hadnt seen the pocket ones Pam do you know if the Fungus expert book is in pocket size. I must lookout for these great on a walk to identify things sometimes. Nobody quite like Percy thrower and Jeff Hamilton Bloomer. My local garden centre got rid of their reference books, and when I asked why they said because I was the only one who used them -you carnt win!

2 Dec, 2010


They should have given them to you!

3 Dec, 2010


I agree Meanie. At least you would have used them Drc.

3 Dec, 2010


ITs ok as I go else where now

4 Dec, 2010


Too late for Christmas, Drc, but for a fascinating read try Keith Wiley's "Wildside", especially if you're into naturalistic gardening.

23 Dec, 2010


Thanks Sb do you have more details of it?

23 Dec, 2010


Sure. It's a beautifully produced book, published by Timber Press in 2004, price £19.99. I first got a copy from the library having visited The Garden House in Devon where Keith Wiley was Head Gardener for over 20 years: he made it into one of the most gorgeous gardens we've ever seen. So I read it avidly, and agreed with so many of his ideas on naturalistic gardening. A few years ago he started his own nursery and garden, called Wildside, still a "work in progress" but fantastic. My OH kindly took me there last year; his book was on sale, so I bought my own copy and the author signed it for me. It's not a reference work, but full of inspirational ideas.

24 Dec, 2010


Thanks SB

24 Dec, 2010

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