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By drc726


After some untitled newly posted photos lately , I thought I would write this to ask for help/clarification from members when posting pictures, blogs and even questions.
When editing Goy pages it is difficult sometimes to decide what category a good photo, blog etc belongs to or even what the member would (hopefully) like it to belong too?

The ones that I appreciate are the members who state in their title what the Subject is – ‘garden makeover’ or ‘new shed’, ‘poor soil plant’, ‘invasive’ the ‘Name of the Plant’ and if its an ‘Annual’ or ‘Herbacous perennia’l etc. This extra interaction I think makes for a more interesting dialogue sometimes.
This all helps when editing and often avoids lengthy research and of course getting it wrong!
Of course sometimes the name of a plant etc is not known and this is often posed as a question, many the plant that has been identified for me on GOY with interesting dialogue/information.
Below is a definition I use as a rough guide when deciding a plant category, it has its exceptions as do all definitions but on the whole I find it useful.
An “Annual” is a plant that dies at the end of the growing season, both above the ground and below it.
A ’Biennia’l usually take 2 years to complete it’s cycle and then dies.
A ‘Herbaceous Perennial’ plants have non-woody stems and the above-ground growth usually dies back in winter but they survive below ground.
A ‘Sub shrub’ a shrubby plant that has woody stems growing new shoots annually at the tips
A ‘Shrub’ is a woody plant usually of relatively low height, having several stems arising from the base (bush) and lacking a single trunk.
A ‘Tree’ a plant having a permanently woody main trunk, reaching a good height, and usually developing branches at some distance from the ground.
So if you know please can you say so when posting your photos it makes it much more interesting to look at a photo if it says what it is etc.

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A very useful blog Denise!! :-)....

21 Nov, 2010


Point taken and I agree. :o)

21 Nov, 2010


Will try, have added to favourites just in case.

21 Nov, 2010


I try to put the name whenever possible. Sometimes I don't know it and I say so (if I remember)
But I have had obvious ones put in wrong places, even with the name on. I think it depends on the person doing the nomination. I think they sometimes nominate a photo for the wrong category.

21 Nov, 2010


a lovely put request Drc and thanks for doing such a sterling job on Goypedia.

21 Nov, 2010


I agree with Sbg, very much appreciate the effort put in by all Goypedia editors. Many thanks. : o )

21 Nov, 2010


Very useful and interesting info Drc, I`ll bear it in mind for future reference. :o)

21 Nov, 2010


Thank you all, it was not an easy blog to write so I am glad it was taken in good heart.

21 Nov, 2010


i also try to name mine but i will also say which type in future and think its a good idea Denise, you do a great job so a little help isnt a lot to ask is it :o))

21 Nov, 2010


Thanks Sanbaz

21 Nov, 2010

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