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HI this is my first blog. I live in the south west coast of scotland. I have a large long back garden with low fences Which allows neighbours to enjoy the sea view across my garden. I have lost the view from my house due to 15 foot high conifers right across my sea view which border a holiday home which is unoccupied most of the year. I love my south facing back garden but due to neighbours who are retired on both sides who who are nasty towards me and especially my dogs (WHO ARE WELL BEHAVED RARELY BARK and WHO LOVE THE GARDEN) I cannot feel relaxed in the garden. I have planted borders with low conifers which were poisoned other plants and shrubs have had weedkiller poured over them even in front of me after the third lot of plants were planted i asked that they didnt I was called scum! The police have been useless as the neighbours are pension age it seems they are allowed to behave in this manner. I have had 3 guinea pigs die of what the vet thought was weedkiller poisoning after eating my garden grass which was horrific. I have had bogus complaints made to the scottish rspca and council about my dogs which have been investigated and found to be malicious and unfounded. I had my new cars windscreen smashed and found rat poison in the garden. I am a quiet respectable lady. What I ask can I do if I put up a high fence it will destroy views but I need to keep these people from destroying my garden plants and my enjoyment of the garden. This is distressing but my home is ideal for the dogs being minutes from the beach and having no through road and large garden. My daughter is taking exams at the local school so I cant move but I know they are trying to make me feel I have to move. What can I do?

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You poor lady, I feel very sorry for you and how dare those awful neighbours treat you in this way. How can the police Ok their behaviour? Putting up a taller fence will cost you a lot of money wont it? But also it might solve your problem, why should you let the neighbours have a 'nice' view when they are treating you this way. I would remedy this a.s.a.p. and get the fencing done, then you can plan some nice planting that you alone can enjoy in the hopefully peace and quiet of your 'new garden'. Maybe you could also ask the holiday home people to lop their trees for you so you can 'have a view'. I do hope you get this resolved and soon.

12 Aug, 2012


There are certainly laws to help you. Anti-social behaviour, although I did read something about this is being changed. Contact your Citizens' Advice Bureau.
Your dogs are only defending their territory.
If the neighbours spoke to them in a pleasant way they wouldnt bark at them. Dogs never bark or attempt to bite me.
I was cycling most of my life, and used to get so angry with men who took their cycle pump off the frame when riding along, and hit a dog with it. This is why that same dog will attack every other cyclist that comes along by its home.
I used to lean down at a barking dog, and say in a squeaky voice " Hello little dog, how are you today ? "
They used to stop barking, stand still and stare at me nonplussed. It was quite funny.
They never attempted to bite me.

12 Aug, 2012


Welcome to GOY. I'm so sorry that you're having these problems with your neighbours and I cannot believe that they are exempt from liability for their actions solely on the grounds of age. I'm inclined to agree with GM that in the interest of self-preservation, it would be best to go with the higher fences. Then at least you can plant up your garden in the way which you'd like and be less accessible to these mean-spirited neighbours. There are some inspirational ideas on these pages and lots of supportive people. Just being able to share your troubles with others may help to save your sanity. Your dogs look absolutely adorable by the way and at least you will still be able to walk them in pleasant surroundings, even if you sacrifice the views. Let us know how things go on.

12 Aug, 2012


Welcome to GOY and such a shame you have such horrible nasty neighbours. I'm in agreeance with those above - you MUST have a fence erected, if for nothing else to maintain your sanity!!
In Scotland - it is legal to erect a 6ft high fence in your back garden (unless otherwise stated in your deeds etc.)without planning permission. I also agree that why should you allow your neighbours to enjoy the view - their behaviour is totally inexcusable!
My guess is that they will be thinking that those trees and shrubs you plant will eventually ruin their view - it will me much harder for them to destroy your fence. Also consider erecting some sort of CCTV camera - even if it is fake - they won't know that unless you tell them!
Nowadays such organisations as the Police and Council just don't seem to care - too much bother for them!!
That coupled with a lack in budget means no chance!!!!
I used to have a bad neighbour, although nothing like this, when the final straw came - I informed them that I would not be turning into the bad neighbour they wanted me to become in order that they save face and that I would not be moving and would be staying exactly where I was no matter what they done. 2 weeks later their house was up for sale!
Gorgeous dogs by the way and I hope your daughter does will with her exams and all this does not affect her. Please let us know how you get on and what you choose to do.

13 Aug, 2012

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