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I got myself a copy of a gardening paper with some free seeds, the articles were interesting and hopefully the Red Iceberg will be tasty eventually. I sowed them in some of those expanding compost pellet thingys that I had left over, in a plastic tray thing with a clear lid. I only sowed four though! If they start to come up I’ll sow another four. I’m still feeling the urge to get loads and loads of things started but I know that will only get me confused and overwhelmed when things start to need thinning/picking/weeding/feeding/cutting, not to mention disillusioned if things don’t grow well. That must sound really wimpy to an experienced gardener, but I know what I’m like. Work is particularly stressful recently, a little bit of a gardening habit is part of my self-administered therapy.

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No it doesn't sound wimpy it makes sense. I always so more than I can manage and have things going leggy and dying in trays cos I don't get them out in time. I hop your lettuce do well. Again a good idea to sow a few at a time.

19 Jun, 2011


Goodness me thats not wimpy, its a darned good way to get things out of your system, I`ve stood in my greenhouse many a time the last few years with tears streaming because of events going on in my life but I`ve worked it out in my own way and my own private domain and felt better for doing so. As to things getting leggy, well we`ve all done that as well, keep at it you`ll soon get the hang of it, you are doing it right by staggering the sowing.
Good luck and welcome to Goy ...

19 Jun, 2011


I have found that during times of stress, when I was out working, that being in the garden really saved my life. You get involved in working with something and with the level of concentration needed, there is no room for thinking of anything else. It's the best therapy there is. Just work the way you want to, sow as much or as little as you need. Ultimately it's all down to a few pence anyway. As Lincslass says, you're right to stagger your sowing, who can eat 15 lettuces in one week! If they don't grow well for you the first time, just try again! It's fun! Welcome to Goy, you'll love it!

19 Jun, 2011

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