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White pest


By danimar


Over past couple of months I seem to have a new pest in garden. He is white and about a year old——yes my new neighbours cat. He is not just pooing in garden but in my pots as well. He just looks at me as if he has the right to be there and why am I going on about—- but I have a water pistol. I got rid of him from one pot and turned round and he was in another.
It’s not that I don’t like cats, I have one myself, but now my cat is frightened to go out in her own garden, she’s terrified of him. She is 16 years old and can do without hassle.
I don’t want to hurt him BUT there’s a limit, when he poos in my pots…

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What a problem - some things that would deter the visitor would also upset your own

4 Jul, 2015


My cat Rosie(the one in my profile photo)used to sleep under my hydrangea, but she's not done that since he arrived. I feel sorry for her

5 Jul, 2015


Don't even think of hurting your neighbors cat or you will learn the LIMIT of the bail set upon you for animal cruelty charges.

7 Jul, 2015


No I wouldn't even think about hurting him, I'm a cat lover, but he is a cheeky little so and so.
A friend asked me if the clove oil mixture that we use on spiders( warm water, clove oil, and a spot of washing up liquid in a spray) would work on the pots where the cat does his business.
Can someone let me know if it would work

7 Jul, 2015


Having had years experience with neighbors cats I personally came to the conclusion that nothing works. Being predators they adapt and improvise very quickly to thwart any attempt at repulsing them 24/7.

7 Jul, 2015

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