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Spring is coming!!


It’s finally getting warmer here and all my plants are getting leaves on! The acers, the wisteria and my clematis’s are all getting lovely new buds and leaves on and now my two waterliilies and water hawthorn are sending new shoots and spurts of leaves under the water!!

Even the fish have started feeding and becoming more active again!!

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Yes its certainly a delightful time of the year, I was thrilled to see new buds forming on my Acers today and I've a fair amount of flowers blooming with lots more budding up.
I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of your pond Dan....

9 Mar, 2015


Great to see. My ponds are still completely iced over with the exception of the holes created by my bubbelizers (that outdoor air pump was one of the best purchases I ever made for my ponds, it's been running 24/7 for four years now) I hope to see the same in my garden in several weeks. One of the first herbaceous perennial plants to flower in my back garden will be my Dicentra spectabilis. Once I see this plant pop up it will be time for me to limber up and get back into the garden. It was a horribly cold winter this year and I'm glad it's over. I start feeding my fish in the spring with wheat germ pellets, what do you feed yours?

10 Mar, 2015


I have wheat germ pellets but they refuse to eat them so now that the weather is picking up I'm feeding them their regular mix! And yes I do get lots of enjoyment out of the pond!!

10 Mar, 2015


I did do a bit of cutting back of the Irises in the top pond at the weekend, needed to beat the frogs as thats where they always appear first, smack in the middle of the plants, when it gets a lot warmer I shall have to lift all the plants and baskets out as they are badly in need of thinning and nearly took over the pond last summer, our fish haven't come up yet either, I think they are waiting for the frogspawn for their first meal, lol., we use Tetra Pond Sticks for our fish, tried a cheaper brand a couple of times but they refuse to eat them...

10 Mar, 2015


Mine are exactly the same Lincs! They only want the proper stuff from the garden centre! I bought some from Wilko as our neighbours fish have that, but it's too big for some of the fish and the ones that can eat them don't eat them!! We have two frogs and since they came back at the weekend they seem to be constantly stirring up the water and making it unclear, that is until the grass carp and ghost koi chase them off!! With regards to pond plants all that I need to do is top up the pots the waterliilies are in with some large cobbles because some of the fish have dug and scavenged the pots but the lillies seem to be growing just fine!!

10 Mar, 2015

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