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photo shoot for cuprinol


hi every one ………….. as some of you may know !!! and have asked me to do this blog , i will say thanks now for your interest .
bored one afternoon , i saw a comp on f.b saying is your garden worthy of star status ! so i thought it is .
you had to upload a few pics and write a short story about ur garden .

this is one of the pics i used .
anyway i went back to look at the comp and it disappeared from f.b so i thought it may have been spam lol, so i went on there site to ck and it was there with a few others .
totally forgot bt it for a couple of weeks and while in the pub with oh ……………. got a phone call saying i was a finalist , the judges had to yet have a look and decide on winners and they would let me know . i was really excited .

any way got the phone call to say they would be coming to do the shoot , it wud be on t.v , ( i thought it was on the pamphlets only lol) ours will be later in the year as there are 18 winners all around the country . the crew were really tiered wen they arrived at our house as they have been all over north south west lol they went to liverpool after us!!…………………
they arrived at 10 am and left at 5 30 pm …………. they brought more plants to dot band lit up the garden !!! the last photo show them surveying the garden .

the pics above show them setting up the pics and the lighting ……………… they loved faz and asked her if she wanted to be in them , of course its something to tell her friends haha .

then it was my turn to to get in the act lol,

they took 100 ,s of pics and my jaw was aching from smiling all day haha …………. so hard being a model lol. we had lunch by 2pm and waited for the sun to pop out , but its amazing how they set these pics up , they kept flashing this big circle in front of me , i felt like a t.v star wooo lol . then i had to pretend to paint the table and do a bit of acting . oh half was lafghing he 4 got to take a pic .

these two pic show them painting the table for the next pics lol but ………. they only did wot you cud see in the camera lol , i had to finish it the next day ……….. clever ayy.

here they are looking for propes , we used a gardening book in the end , while me and faz pretended to read it ………….again oh was not there with camera , needs sacking lol ………….

oh didn’t want to be in the shoot , but i got some pics with the photographer

all in all we had a fab day ,the rain stayed away and we were shatered ………. mike got 3 hrs as he was on nites . he had to be up again at 8pm.
2 days later we got loads of decking staines and a sprayer as part of the prize and £100 as well so i was very happy with that !! we were only surposed to have £50 worth of deck stuf , but they sent us bt £250 worth , but she did really like the garden and may even want to use it again . as for takeup moderling , think i pass , way to hard !!! all that smileing ………..
and heres a few pics to finish .

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Congratulations - thats wonderful you should be very proud, thanks for sharing it with us - wow:-)

12 Apr, 2011


hope you wernt bored lol ................ we enjoyed it . the add will be on later in the year , they will tell us wen ............

12 Apr, 2011


Cristina looked like hard work but well worth it, your garden does you proud ~ don`t forget to blog us as soon as you know the date for your telly appearance. Faz has certainly got the look a budding superstar, she really looked as if she was enjoying every minute.

12 Apr, 2011


Well Cristina - What's it like being a celebrity ? Do we have to ask for your autograph now ? Ha, Ha. Looks like you had a really good time but I bet it was hard work too. I'm glad the rain held off because most gardens just don't look very good in the rain do they ? It was a good idea of yours to enter the competition and even better that you are one of the finalists. Your garden really must be something special - it will be interesting to see the pics etc when they come out.

Let us know where to look for them won't you ?

12 Apr, 2011


Fantastic Cristina, what a wonderful day for you all, your garden looks great and I bet their photos will make it look marvellous. You look good there, posing in the doorway, Lol. Will all of this be in a magazine? Fab. prizes too. Well done. x

12 Apr, 2011


Congratulations to you and Faz, what an amazing day!! and all the lovely pressies too, please let us all know when it is going to be on the TV.

12 Apr, 2011


brilliant stuff cristina, im so pleased for you and cant wait to see the ad on tv, you and faz are born models i would say, bet she loved it all, bless her, i can understand why they would want to use your garden again to, its got so much and so natural :o)) x

13 Apr, 2011


thanks stoller, marie,madge. d.d and sandra ........... it really was hard work wudent mind the celep money , cud buy more plant haha
the add will be on starting 18th on april , our bit later in the year !! there were 18 people round the contry they had to do photo ,sso we are towards the end .
well faz will have a lot to tell her frends !!! and we have our 15 mins of fame so to speak lol ;0p
ps marie it will be on t.v lol

13 Apr, 2011


Well done Cristina and family ...
I definitely nominate you all for Oscar awards ...
great acting ... and wonderful garden :o)

13 Apr, 2011


that was quik lol ...................... thankyou haha ,

13 Apr, 2011


Congratulations Christina, and well deserved to.. I dont think i would be that brave to pose in the garden, so good on ya :) Dont forget to give us the nod when your on TV...

13 Apr, 2011


lol dont blink wen its on ............ will let u knpow wen i do ....................... lol

13 Apr, 2011


Congratulations from me too, what a great day you all on earth will you cope with the, well done..your garden is lovely though & well deserved..:o)) yes let us know when its on..

13 Apr, 2011


Congrats :) That was a lovely prize to win :) I hope your jaw is better now lol. Glad you had a fab day !

14 Apr, 2011


thanks joanella and hywel .................... kate moss move over lol , hywel jaw much better now lol .............

14 Apr, 2011


Good :)

14 Apr, 2011


haha lol ;0)))))))))))))))

14 Apr, 2011


What a fab day, Cristina, and...didn't you do well with the rewards!!!!!!!!!! Pity you had to finish the bits that weren't seen, though :-( It must have been a very different day for you all. Will look out for your garden on TV later this year (am sure I would spot it, it is wonderful!). You 2 look great in the pics! :-))

15 Apr, 2011


haha david thanks we did enjoy it .................... very dif day . my grandaughter loved it lol will let you know , but dont blink lol

17 Apr, 2011


Great prizes Cristina......well deserved after all the hard work you have put in to make your garden into such a lovely one. Did they leave the plants they brought with them. I can now tell everyone I have a celebrity/model for a friend.

24 Apr, 2011


lol thanks homebird ................... move over kate moss !!! woooo . no they not left them boooooooo ...........but they sent way more stuf 4 the decks than they shud have woop woop ;0))))

24 Apr, 2011


Oh wow!! How did I miss this blog! Great pictures :)))

17 Jul, 2011


hi hn lol ..................... yes it was a gud day ........... and looking at the garden , now from then ............. wot a change , how its grown haha x

18 Jul, 2011

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