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just a few pics of the show ,it was a very hot day . did not get to see much of the horses but plant other stuff, to much. u can never get round it all

a winner in the flower tent


they took 20 mins to carve an owl fancy 1 in my garden , so asked OH if he can have a go lol errmmmmmmmmmmm lol

the lovely dray horses,

did i say i didn’t see any horses . these were very beautiful

the cows were pretty too

now for a rest after all that walking

the gerkers band played on the big weel while it went round .

this had my name on it but dont think its my cup of tea haha.

OH wishing its his

flying the birds, and more carvings

to finish another entry from the flower show all in all a fab day gud food tho xpensive gona take a picnic nxt year . normally do but OH not want too, so wont do wot he says again lol well worth a visit . o well untill next year .bye 4 now

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not sure if last pics have loaded so have to see. sorry bt double pics. dont no haw to deleat them so bear wth me

5 Jul, 2010


Which day were you there, I was there on the Tuesday, very hot!

5 Jul, 2010


hi heron we went on tues. we used to show our horse there. but she is retired now so we can now look at other stuf. the last pics wont load so i will try 2 moz wth them are u local to me we are cheshire border nr lym

5 Jul, 2010


I'll PM you, We spent a lot of time in the 'dog tent' and watching the horses. Someone thoughtfully filled a water trough so we 'dunked' Barnaby in several times. Wouldn't have minded it myself.

5 Jul, 2010


did have peek at dogs were going to take ours but she is a pup so barks at anything lol .my frend tuk her out instaed. brill show isent it i love it there. never want to go home . and the food tent yumy.

5 Jul, 2010


My OH is the 'horsey' one, I leave her to it and wonder round the rest of the show looking at the latest Land Rovers, there's so much to see there. You say 'you never want to go home' well Barnaby was the same. On the wide exit path he sat and refused to move, caused much amusement, had to carry him in the end. I think he was tired.

6 Jul, 2010


lol they are so funny arnt they. yep prob was tired ,me to i slept like a log that nite bet barnaby did tooooo :0)))) did ur oh have a horse, mine is 18 now.

6 Jul, 2010


It looks as if you had a great time with lots going on. I loved the cattle and horses.

6 Jul, 2010


OH would like a horse Cristina but guess who would have to muck out ect.! She had one called Tango years ago but had to sell owing to her parents moving house. We're surounded by horses here but riders take risks on the lanes as the cars go far too fast.

6 Jul, 2010


thanks hywel we did, heron was there toooo .we cud have passed each other and not no it lol. i got knok of mine by a waggon years ago so dont ride any more ,but did a lot of showingand breeding as well . but retired from that now.

6 Jul, 2010


Looks like a good show, we'll see if we can make it there next year. I'd especially like to see the birds of prey as they're a favourite of mine. At home I have a small collection of owls and I love the ones in your photo, but £75 for 20mins work seems a bit much!! I'm glad you enjoyed your day there - maybe we can make it a GoY one next year with everyone joining in.........

11 Jul, 2010


now that wud be good mary, hope to meet u b 4 then tho lol ;0)))))))))))))

11 Jul, 2010


Me too Cristina, soon ......... xx

12 Jul, 2010


haha ;0)))))))))))))))))))))

12 Jul, 2010

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