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Adding Photos


By crissue


Its more of a question really…How do I get a pic onto a blog that I may write, do I copy and paste from my Garden photos page, or is there a particular way to do it…thanks

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Hi crissue, go to your write a blog... type in your blog if you want to send one when finished go to the bottom of the page and you are given the option to add photos. Click on add photo and three boxes should appear with the word browse next to them.

Click on browse and you should be able to search your files to find the required photograph. Double click on photo that should then the jpgid should appear. Click on the next box and so on.

When finished select publish and go from there

hope this helps.... it's not difficult if I can do it LOL

10 Jun, 2011


Just a note...when you load your photo you'll see the statement "This may take some time"....It does; so don't worry.

10 Jun, 2011


oh thanks guys..I felt like a right dafty..sitting here trying to work it out...I'll put it down to yet another senior moment lol

10 Jun, 2011


I write my blog, and then I save it, then go to the add photographs button and put them in you can then keep adding words above or below the pictures on the edit option until you are ready to publish. When you click on the add photographs button it gives you the option of adding from your files or from pictures you have already downloaded on your photograph pages. It does as Expats says take a while do not leave the page until you have made sure the pictures are included or it will not add them to your blog. Practice makes perfect. Keep persevering until you get the hang of it. It will become second nature to you eventually. Good luck with it all.

10 Jun, 2011


Thanks everyone for helping...I have managed to add photos to another blog, but haven't managed to write in between yet lol...that's another day... :o)

17 Jun, 2011


You have to move your curser to either above or below where the pictures are I try to do this before I add pictures so that I don't have to keep going back to where I want to write. lol.

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks Olive will try that next time...x

18 Jun, 2011

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