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Boo Hoo :(((


By cmsue


Just to let you all know, my computor is playing up, i cant get Firefox at all ,so i cant come on G O Y , have to use bob,s. but i will keep in touch untill i can get it mended. Whot a nuisance :0(((((

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that is a shame. hope things back to nomal soon.

9 Feb, 2012


See you soon, Sue ..
Conker is waiting for you :o) x

9 Feb, 2012


I use Firefox,Sue and all ok here..wonder what's up ?

9 Feb, 2012


Does the start up icon not work?

9 Feb, 2012


What is wrong with Firefox? Will it not start at all? Sometimes the add-ons cause trouble and that stops it from working. I had that issue a few months ago and Firefox would not load at all. I managed to finally get it back:

Go to Start > Run and type Firefox –safe-mode
Check the option Disable all add-ons
Now press Make changes and Restart for the changes to take effect.

9 Feb, 2012


Isn't it frustrating when these gadjets break down :o(
I'm having trouble with my laptop too. It keeps switching itself off, all on it's own :o(
I hope you can get yous sorted out soon Sue.

9 Feb, 2012


Hope you can get it sorted out soon Sue..:o(
Yours too Hywel..:o(

9 Feb, 2012


I stopped using Firefox because I had this problem. I used to uninstall then reinstall it and it would be fine for a few months then have to do it all over again. Shame I quite liked it otherwise.

9 Feb, 2012


Oh Sue, thats bad, hope you get it sorted soon..

9 Feb, 2012


hope its sorted soon sue, take care :o)

10 Feb, 2012

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