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Foggy Dartmoor.


By cmsue


Well we decided to go out again today,NOT a good day but here goes, Creepy looking or what

Couldn’t see much, Imagine attempting escape from Dartmoor Prison in this weather?

How about living here ,no one else for miles around.

I love this Lichen it is very pretty at this time of the year

Widdecome in the Moor Church, the mist was just lifting

We love this little stream, When the real bad weather comes the birds come here for a drink

This farm is on the top of the moor

So on to the way home.

And look what we saw.We couldn’t believe it, we were just sitting having a cuppa and these lovely Red Wings were playing and eating the berrys of the Holly bush right above us..

Look closely a real mouth full !!!

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You were brave going out on a day like that when most of us would have been hugging the fire! And what a great reward you had at the end! We had redwings for a few days last winter but haven't seen any this year so far.

21 Dec, 2011


Now that does look very eerie in the fog ... isn't that Lichen pretty? ... Lovely to see the Redwings ... the closest I've got to seeing them is in a book!

21 Dec, 2011


Hi Steragram We just love going up on the moor, to feed the birds espcially this cold weather :)

Hi Shirley It is a bit eerie but beutiful, The redwings were funny , they were playing in the bush right by the side of us :)

21 Dec, 2011


What a very pretty place, lovely photos sue.
That lichen is beautiful.

We have had the red wings here, they are lovely birds aren't they.

21 Dec, 2011



21 Dec, 2011


Hi Stickie Yes they are lovely and fun to watch:)

Thank you Sanbaz :)

21 Dec, 2011


How on earth did that Redwing not choke! Your photos of Widdecome in the Moor Church are gorgeous! Just like a painting!

22 Dec, 2011


If you WERE in Dartmoor and fancied legging it, there are two thoughts - 1) the mist would make very good cover 2) It's too blessed COLD out there - please can I come back in?
Those pictures are so pretty- very atmospheric. Love the lichen, particularly, and the church. Isn't Britain a beautiful country?

22 Dec, 2011


Oh Wow ... another brilliant blog, Sue ...

Thank you ... I love your West Country tours, with fabulous photos...

... now on my favourites :o)

22 Dec, 2011


Libet, I dont know how they get the berries down but they seam to love them,I did paint a picture of that church once.I am starting another one, One day :)

Gattina, Thank you Yes Britain is a wonderful country lets hope it stays that way:)

Terratoonie, Thank you again, We enjoy doing them:)

22 Dec, 2011


it did look spooky sue but lovely, i liked that house to.
nice to see the birds have plenty to eat this year and not freezing like last year.
its been lovely here in blackpool today, sunshine and really quite warm to :o))

22 Dec, 2011


Eerie :O I'm glad you didn't come across any escaped convicts from Dartmoor ! ...

22 Dec, 2011


Sanbaz We like it up there at all times of the year we go there about twice a week to feed the bird's,yes its been warmer here today as well :)

Hywel I'm glad we dont eather:)

22 Dec, 2011

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