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Day at Morwellham Quay Part One


By cmsue


Morwellham Quay is a Historic Port,Farm,Railway and Copper Mine. The George and Charlotte copper mine,was established in the 18th century and worked intermittently up to the end of the 19th century. It is now unique as the only Copper mine railway tour in Britain.
(Excuse the pictures it was a dull day)

Back then if a womans hubby died she had to have lodgers in to help pay to look after her family and home, she also did the washing and cooked for them.
Below Lodgers Bedroom.

This would have been her familys bedroom, note the good old guzzunder.

How about having to cook on this stove, unbelevable, fires in every room it must have been a full time job keeping them all stoked up.

This would be there only light

Yummy Pasty for tea. The true pasty has meat at one end and fruit at the other ,so the man at work has all his meal in one,a good idea. The thick crust had to always be there as these Miners worked daily with Arsenic, they could hold the Pasty by the Crust then throw it away when the middle was eaten.

I remember this very well, Dad had to empty the bucket at night,he would dig a hole for it in the garden, yuk-e

Now this is a bit different, this is the Big house.

This is a wooden baby bath

Thats a better kitchen I think i could work with that one.

I was waiting to start cooking

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what a lovely and interesting blog sue, thank you, i love these places where you can really imagine living as they lived.
that pastry was interesting too ~ there is a pastry called a bedfordshire clanger ~ same idea ~ meat or savoury one end and jam or sweet the other, grew up in bedfordshire, think i should have a go at making one!!

so i looked up the history and thought it was interesting:

27 Nov, 2011


Fantastic blog Sue, very interesting and lots of memories stirred ....... Thanks for that.

27 Nov, 2011


I can remember my nans kitchen having the oven like that and that boxed loo also, it was horrible especially Mondays, that was the day the lorry came and emptied the pit from a hole in the garden, my nanna always said her yorkshire pudding was never as good when she had a fancy cooker, lol...

27 Nov, 2011


lovely and we moan if the washer breaks down lol, great blog sue :o)

27 Nov, 2011

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