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Buddlea Bush Disease ?


Our Buddlea bush has had a problem with leaf wilt this year but in addition and far more annoying the bush has dropped lots of sap which has attracted the unwanted attentions of hundreds of flies and wasps.

This bush is right out side our sliding doors so this restricts us having our sliding doors open too far in case wasp and flies come in too. This problem had died off as of now because we are into October. It was a real problem in the summer though. Can anyone tell me about the disease these plants suffer from?

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Buddleia are usually not prone to many diseases. They can be infested with aphids or spider mites. Were aphids present when the bush started to "drop sap"? If so the sap could have actually been honeydew which is produced by the aphids. It is sweet, sticky and attractive to ants and wasps.

The only disease I've heard of in Buddleia would be crown or root rot from overwatering.

17 Oct, 2010


Will you be moving it away from your door ? It must have been a nuisance not being able to have it open.

19 Oct, 2010

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