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This is more complicated that I thought


By cedille


I am struggling to understand how you just add to the flow of the blogging area, it seems that it create a new blog instead of a new entry? Perhaps am I lost in translation… I also don’t understand the difference between publising your pictures via ‘add photos’ and ‘add plants’ – it seems it is just the same?

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Hello Cedille it will be came clearer as you use the site. You can add the name of your plant to your garden list with or without a photo and if you wish you can add more photos as the plant changes over time
You can add photographs to your photos and these are published for everyone to see, you can also add them to your plant list if you wish.
When you write a blog you can add a comment to it as others do and it will then disappear until a new comment is add by others and it will reappear on your home page.

21 Mar, 2012


Thank you, very helpful!

21 Mar, 2012


You`ll soon get used to it Cedille. Welcome and enjoy it..

21 Mar, 2012


Hi Cedille,

I've only just joined and finding it a bit tricky....this post helped, I thought you had to start a new blog each time too! Really like your photo's and the fact you managed to grow an avacado!

21 Mar, 2012


Thanks Lucybee and welcome! :)

21 Mar, 2012


I think I added a plant once..

28 Mar, 2012

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