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Mystery Plant pics

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Well here they are. I have no batteries for my camera so took a few pics of my mystery plants and my tomatoes plants today using my phone. I would much appreciate any help in identifying the first four and any advise as to when to re-pot.
Many thanks.

… and PS. From what I remember from out planting activity we had sweet corn, peppers, onions, cress and carrot seeds.

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Hi, Castle in the sky! The first 4 are pepper seedlings and can be transplanted into bigger pots to keep in the greenhouse. The plants on the left in the second pic are sweetcorn, which need to be planted outside a few inches apart but in a square and watered really well. The ones on the right in that same pic are carrots and should be planted out as they are into the garden, so that you don't disturb the roots. Just leave them in the soil they're growing in and put the whole lot together in a hole in the ground, as they'll still grow to a good size. The third picture is tomato plants, and it's a bit late for them to grow to any size now, but you could put them into much bigger, deeper pots and keep them in the greenhouse, if you have one. You could try them outside, but they need lots of light and warmth to produce tomatoes. Hope that's helpful. You need to start sowing your seeds much earlier, really, round about March/April. Annie

20 Jun, 2011

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