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I have posted some photos (at last). Took me all afternoon to dicipher how to get them from my garden to the laptop lol – yes it did!!
My acer is struggling – any suggestings on how to revitalise it?
My black bamboo is feeling very sorry for itself too after recent strong winds. I have moved it to a sheltered spot and given it some ‘pond water’ – hopefully it will revive like the lillies!

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hi butterfly,glad you mastered the art of putting on your pics..i hope your acer comes on leaps and bounds ..

11 Aug, 2010


Just put some info on your pics. Good luck.

11 Aug, 2010


How interesting. I have an Acer and I can't get pics on either. My daughter can, but not me. She says it's my Kodak. Acer says the pics are transferring, but can't read them.

12 Aug, 2010

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